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Tech Buzz 10/05

Fiber-optic broadband, teleconferencing and more

Watch out, cable and DSL-- there's a new option for broadband in some towns. Verizon's FiOS Internet Service for Business is available in parts of California, Florida and Texas, with a 14-state expansion expected by the end of the year. The fiber-to-the-premises service uses fiber optics rather than copper wire and is aimed at businesses with 50 employees or fewer.

There are several levels of service available. The basic package offers 15Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream at a very affordable price of $60 per month with a dynamic IP address, or $100 per month with a static IP address. The highest tier gets you 30Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream at $350 (dynamic IP) or $390 (static IP). Some of the perks with any of the packages are professional installation, 24-hour technical support and remote dial-up access for employees on the go.

25% of

internet users say they always read user agreements, privacy statements or other disclaimers before downloading or installing files from the internet.
Statistic Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project

59.4% of

senior managers expect to use teleconferencing more in the second half of 2005.
Statistic Source: Cornerstone International Group

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