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Less Is More

Think you can't afford to buy a franchise? Well, think again. Check out our listing of franchises for under $50,000.

With the prices of housing and gas going haywire, it's good to know that, somewhere in this economy, there are still deals to be had. Franchising provides prospective franchisees with not only a proven business concept, training and ongoing support, but also, in some cases, a relatively low-cost means of entry.

Don't despair if you have big business dreams and a small budget--just check out our low-cost franchise listingfor ample ways to buy a franchise for less. Each of these franchisees costs less than $50,000 to start--and there's even one that will cost you as little as $100.

This listing is not a ranking, nor is it intended to endorse a particular franchise company. Rather, it should provide you with a starting point in your search for the right franchise--a search that should also include a thorough investigation and analysis of a franchise's Uniform Franchise Offering Circular and other literature, visits with existing franchisees, and consultation with an attorney and an accountant. No matter how low the investment, don't purchase any franchise before you've done your research.

For more information on how to research a franchise, visit Entrepreneur's FranchiseZone.

This story appears in the October 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »