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Monster Mash's founder moves on to his next big startup.

Top job-search site's founder Jeff Taylor is looking to stake out some new internet territory with startup EONS, a business geared toward the over-50 consumer. We caught up with Taylor during his brief semi-vacation while switching roles between companies to find out what it's like to live the startup life again.

Entrepreneur: After over 10 years with, do you still consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Taylor: I'm not sure you stop being an entrepreneur, especially in a company that has had the meteoric growth Monster experienced over the last 10 years. You continue to learn and do things that might be considered unexpected by normal business standards. I feel more entrepreneurial now than I ever have in my life.

Is this a good time to start an internet company?

It's kind of like wave two, which is beginning to form on the other side of a pretty difficult downturn. I'm [building] a big brand in a space that doesn't really have any brands. The internet is moving to a wave where it's going to be much more inclusive for people who have been technologyphobic and that would classically be one of the biggest user groups, the over-50 consumer.

Are you looking forward to the startup challenges?

Yes. I have a combination of a big pit in my stomach and absolute euphoria at the same time. I find myself waking up like a bolt at 4 in the morning with ideas that need to be written down.

What lessons have you learned from that you will apply to EONS?

It's all about great people. I love building a culture where people love their jobs. I will absolutely try to replicate that as I go forward with the new company.

This story appears in the November 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »