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Advertising in video games, commercials vs. product placements and more
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"People come in with trade-ins because they don't want to pay retail [for a new bike]," says owner Rich Staley, 36. "They get a discount when they bring their old bike to trade in, and we get more people in the shop."

"Trade-ins foster loyalty, especially if you're doing it in an industry where no one else is," says Kevin Eikenberry, owner of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a customer-service consulting firm in Indianapolis. He says trade-ins work for almost any kind of company and can build your business in several ways, including:

  • Giving customers a reason to buy: There's less guilt asso-ciated with trading in an old-but-functional refrigerator if the customer knows he or she will get a discount on a new one, says Eikenberry. Plus, it solves the issue of what to do with the old product.
  • Encouraging loyalty: Customers will be reluctant to shop elsewhere if they know they'll get a discount from your shop by trading in their old version of what you sell.
  • Providing additional revenue streams: Staley makes his money back and then some by selling the used bikes for parts.

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The market for product placement in video games and advergames will reach
$260 million
by 2008.
Statistic Source: The Yankee Group
of consumers are somewhat or much more likely to purchase a product seen in a commercial vs. one featured in a product placement.
Statistic Source: FIND/SVP
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