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Getting Flood Insurance

Though costs will likely go up in the wake of the recent hurricanes, flood insurance is still a life preserver worth considering.

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In light of the destruction caused by Katrina and Rita, even homeowners who don't live in flood-prone areas might want to consider purchasing flood . The disasters--and the wave of lawsuits that followed--spotlight the limits of standard homeowners policies. You're typically on your own when it comes to damage from rising water, whether a storm surge or a clogged drain caused it.

But right as millions of us decide the 's flood insurance program might be worth having, premiums are about to jump. The National Flood Insurance Program owes significantly more in hurricane damages than it has in its reserves. That means borrowing from or getting a special appropriation, as well as raising premiums. The question is just how much more it will , and whether it's worth it given your individual circumstances.

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