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Making Merry

This innovator really lights up a room . . .or a house, or a city.

This story appears in the December 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Entrepreneur: Jamie A. Limber, 37, founder of Phoenix-based Christmas Light Co.

Description: Inventor and wholesaler of Christmas products and accessories

Startup: $155,000 in 1997 2006 projected

Sales: $8.5 million

Tinsel Town: For many, Christmas is about tinsel, tidings and wrappings. But for Jamie Limber, it signifies a profitable opportunity to paint the town red and green. It all began when Limber was a freshman in college and started a $25,000-a-year side business decorating houses for the holidays with a friend. Even while working as a sales manager after college, he used his vacation time to continue the lucrative tradition. In 1997, Limber went full time with the business, convincing two of his colleagues to jump aboard the Christmas bandwagon.

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