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60-Second Guide to Fighting Business Burnout

You've probably heard a great deal about the rewards of running your own business. But you must also be aware of the trade-offs and sacrifices that come with being in charge. Over time, those long hours, missed weekends and pressure-packed deadlines may take their toll on your physical and emotional health, affecting relations with your employees, family and friends in the process. Fortunately, there are many good ways to keep business burnout at bay.

In just 60-seconds, we will get you started on a plan for keeping your personal priorities balanced with those of your business.

0:60 Identify the Stressors

What aspects of running your business regularly cause discomfort or even anxiety? Perhaps you dread mundane tasks like bookkeeping and filing reports, or having to make sales calls. You may have customers who are difficult to work with, or do not pay invoices on time. And, because you are responsible for everything your business does, you may find yourself obsessing about things beyond your control.

0:43 Delegate

One cure for an overburdened mind is to shed some of your responsibilities. Members of your staff with specific skills or leadership potential may be good candidates to take on certain functions. If you're a solo entrepreneur, it may be time to hire your first employee or outsource your administrative work to a part-timer.

0:33 Schedule Some "Me" Time and Stick with It

You follow a regular maintenance schedule for your equipment, so why not treat yourself the same way? A monthly lunch get-together with colleagues and designated family nights are great ways to get your mind off business issues and reconnect with the people who matter most to you. Even a quick walk around the block will do wonders to refresh your mind and spirit.

0:28 Look for New Opportunities.

Sometimes, problems or challenges aren't the cause of burnout; it's the lack of them. Recapture the thrill you experienced when starting your business by considering expanding or enhancing your products and service lines. Make sure you plan staffing and resources to support any new venture, however, so you don't unnecessarily add to your workload.

0:15 Seek Expert Advice

Many sources of burnout are common to entrepreneurs and you can learn much from their experience. SCORE offers many valuable resources to help you resolve your small business dilemmas.

0:02 Consult Your Doctor

Regular check-ups, eating right and sensible exercise will not only preserve your good health, but also help you better manage the demands of daily life.

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