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Double Take

Twins who own businesses are seeing double--the productivity, that is.

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There's no shortage of them in the entertainment industry--Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are perhaps the most famous--or in politics, from the Bush daughters to two 55-year-old brothers in Poland (this past fall, one ran for president of the country, and the other for prime minister). But twin entrepreneurs are also working double duty in the business world.

One of the most successful pairs of identical-twin entrepreneurs is Lisa and Debbie Ganz, 38, who have taken the concept of seeing double and turned it into a mini-empire. They own New York City-based Twins Talent, a talent agency that books only twin, triplet and quadruplet performers, and have placed their clients in films like Big Fish and TV series such as Fear Factor, Guiding Light and Sex and the City. They also have a twin calendar, a photo gift book called The Book of Twins, and the Twins Restaurant, which opened in 1994 but is currently closed with plans to relocate to Times Square. The eatery is famed for staffing only identical twins (meaning if one sibling quits, the other is automatically fired). As for when the restaurant will reopen, Debbie isn't entirely certain: "With all these various projects, we haven't been able to concentrate on opening the restaurant. Unfortunately, my mother had two of us, not four of us."

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