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13-to-21-year-olds influence 81% of their families' apparel purchases.
--, October 2006

Among people 35-to-65 years old, 35% believed they would be pushed out of their job; 65% disagreed.
--ExecuNet, October 2006

46% of MySpace's unique visitors are 35 years old or older.
--Nielsen/NetRatings, October 2006

Roughly 39% of YouTube visitors have some college education.
--Quantcast Corp., October 2006

The average age for cell phone users--40--is less than MP3 players (41), handheld video games (42) and automotive GPS (50).
--Forrester Research, September 2006

75% of shoplifters are adults., September 2006

On average, gamers are 41 years old with an annual income of $55,000.
--comScore Media Metrix, September 2006

52% of the gaming audience are female.
--comScore Media Metrix, September 2006

By 2007, the buying power of Hispanics ($863.1 billion) will surpass that of African Americans ($847 billion).
--University of Georgia, September 2006

70.9% of teens say they are interested in becoming entrepreneurs; up from 64% in 2004.
--JA Worldwide, August 2006

Roughly 57 million American adults read blogs; 54% of bloggers are under 30.
--Pew Internet and American Life Project, July 2006

25% believe that the US is doing a poor job preparing the next generation of students to become scientists.
--Pepper Hamilton, May 2006

0.29% of the total adult started a new business every month in 2005.
--Kauffman Foundation, June 2006

43% of working households were in danger in 2004 of having too little income to fund their retirement.
--The Center for Retirement Research, June 2006

47% of women rely on facts and information when making a decision and 53% rely on intuition, values and quality of relationship; 71% of men rely on facts and information while 29% focus on the other qualities.
--Center for Women's Business Research, June 2006

Men talk 16% more on their cell phones each month than women.
--Cingular, June 2006

To talk business, 33% of men use their cell phone compared to 14% of women.
--Cingular, June 2006

About 1-in-every-3 U.S. residents was part of a group other than single-race non-Hispanic white.
--U.S. Census Bureau, May 2006

Women are more likely than men to share a positive experience with a business (91% to 83%).
--Lucid Marketing, May 2006

Women are more likely than men to share an enjoyable product (95% to 89%).
--Lucid Marketing, May 2006

45% of children under the age of 5 are from a racial or ethnic minority.
--U.S. Census Bureau, May 2006

Kids from the age of 3 to 11 in the U.S. have a combined purchasing power of $18 billion; that amount is expected to reach $21.4 billion by 2010.
--Packaged Facts, May 2006

When asked, "What age do you think it would be too late to start your own business?" 60% responded "never too old."
--Yahoo Small Business/Harris Interactive, April 2006

By 2010, retirement plan rollovers will put another $13 trillion into baby boomers' hands.
--Tiburon Strategic Adviser, April 2006

Median household net worth rose less than 2% from 2001 through 2004.
--Federal Reserve Board, April 2006

Year 2005: The nation's personal saving rate (income minus consumption and interest payments) turned negative for the first some since 1933.
--Bureau of Economic Analysis, April 2006

Only 8% of America's affluent inherited their .
--Harrison Group and Worth Taylor Harrison, March 2006

$762 billion: the buying power of the African American market; it's expected to reach $981 billion by 2010.
--The U.S. African American Market, February 2006

Baby boomers will transfer $10 trillion to later generations.
--Robert Avery, Cornell University, February 2006

The majority of boomer wealth is held in 12 million privately owned businesses, of which more than 70% are expected to change hands in the next 10-15 years.
--Robert Avery, Cornell University, February 2006

67% of moms say that although ads have some influence on their children, they ultimately make the purchasing decisions.
--BSM Media, January 2006

Fewer than 1/3 of all meals prepared at home are made from "scratch".
--"What, When and Where Americans Eat, January 2006

Roughly 25% of all meals eaten at night in America are eaten in a restaurant.
--"What, When and Where Americans Eat, January 2006

1.1 years: the average time a Gen X worker in his 20s stays at each job.
--Researchers Charlotte and Laura Shelton

57% of new mothers worked full time while pregnant, an increas of 17% since 1961-1965.
--Census Bureau, November 2005

65% of new mothers return to work within a year
--Census Bureau, November 2005

The buying power of the Hispanic population is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2010.
--Packaged Facts, September 2005

76.9 million: the estimated number of baby boomers in the United States.
--MetLife Mature Market Institute, September 2005

There are 73 million people under the age of 18 in the United States.
--Forrester, October 2005

94% of U.S. and Canadian consumers between the ages 12 and 21 own some device for play.
--Forrester, October 2005

African-Americans control $761 billion in buying power in the United States and that figure is expected to reach $1.0 trillion by 2010.
--Selig Center for Economic Growth, September 2005

Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico and California's populations are more than 50% minority.
--Census Bureau, August 2005

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