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E-Commerce Statistics


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Online sales grow between 20 and 25% per year., July 2006

Online sales (including travel) are projected to reach $211.4 billion this year., July 2006

79% of retailers indicate they now have consistent pricing across channels (online/in-store, etc.).

--Forrester, July 2006

26% of retailers provide in-store product information online.

--Forrester, July 2006

eBay sellers with established reputations can expect about 8% more revenue than new sellers marketing the same goods.

--University of Michigan, July 2006

79% of small businesses shop online regularly.

--JupiterResearch, July 2006

Google drives roughly 10% of e-commerce visits.

--Hitwise, December 2005

One in six American web users have sold or tried to sell something online.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, November 2005

24% of web users have participated in an online auction as either buyers or sellers.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, November 2005

$192.8 million: revenues from single purchases for the first half of 2005, only $26.5 million less than entire revenues for 2004.

--Online Publishers Association/comScore Networks, November 2005

U.S. adult internet users who have made more than 12 online purchases in the past year say the time of day they make their purchases are (male/female): 8 a.m.-11 a.m. 30.20%/25.40%; 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 31.30%/25.70%; 1 p.m.-6 p.m. 28.10%/24.10%; 6 p.m.-10 p.m. 27.60%/24.20%; 10 p.m.-12 a.m. 32.00%/26.20%; 12 a.m.-8 a.m. 35.90%/30.20%.

--The Media Audit, International Demographics, June 2005

83% of small- and medium-sized businesses with websites containing e-commerce features are receiving monthly revenue from it.

--Interland, September 2005

52% of small businesses say they update their sites once a month or more.

--Interland, September 2005

A websites' role in small business: 53% of small businesses with websites say their sites are primarily to provide company credibility; 49% use it to generate sales; 38% brand awareness; 33% generate leads; 29% it provides a critical building block for developing the products and services they sell.

--Interland, September 2005

39% of end users admit to clicking on embedded links within spam; 11% have purchased products and services from spam e-mails.

--Mirapoint/Radicati Group, July 2005

Marketing promotions that U.S. online retailers are planning to use to generate online revenue from loyal customers during the upcoming holiday season: free shipping - 63%; value-added promotion - 42%; online-only sale - 33%; special repeat buyer discount - 33%; bundle offer - 29%; early-shopper discount - 28%; rebate - 11%; other - 22%; no special offer - 12%.

--WebTrends, August 2005

70% of consumers say they're unlikely to purchase from or even return to a website after encountering these pet peeves: 93% say pop-up ads are annoying; 89% are annoyed when they need to install extra software; 83% are annoyed when registration pages block access to online content.

--Hostway, July 2005