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50% of workers would rather give up their coffee than internet access.
--Websense, May 2006

25% of employees watch or listen to streaming media at least once a week from work.
--Websense, May 2006

Desk workers who exercised once or twice a week were half as likely to take sick days as their couch potato counterparts.
--Wake Forest University, June 2006

55% of workers take half an hour or less for their lunch break.
--Steelcase, June 2006

58% of office workers have taken office supplies for their personal use.
--Harris Interactive, May 2006

87% of employees surf non-work-related websites while at work., February 2006

Over 50% of employees engage in personal website surfing every day at work., February 2006

75% of executives say employees are asked by peers to contribute money to pay for celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries at least one a year.
--OfficeTeam, February 2006

15% of employees receive donation requests monthly.
--OfficeTeam, February 2006

30% of working adults say they have dated a co-worker.
--Randstad, February 2006

24% say they feel comfortable discussing their romantic relationships with their work colleagues.
--Randstad, February 2006

35% of employed married adults said married workers are more reliable than their single, divorce, separated or widowed colleagues.
--Randstad, February 2006

25% of single workers said single people are more fun to work with, while only 9% of married adults agreed.
--Randstad, February 2006

53% of office workers take 30 or fewer minutes for lunch.
--American Dietetic Association/ConAgra, January 2006

78% of office workers eat their lunch at their desk at least two-to-three times a week.
--American Dietetic Association/ConAgra, January 2006

The number of WiFi hotspots grew 87% in the past year.
--JiWire, February 2006

23% of corporate e-mail is unrelated to work.
--Mirapoint/The Radicati Group, January 2006

72% of workers say they forward jokes, photos, videos and the like at work.
--Mirapoint/The Radicati Group, January 2006

55% of advertising and marketing execs say office environments affect on-the-job innovation.
--The Creative Group, November 2005

73% of executives think employers should provide on-site health clubs or subsidize gym memberships., November 2005

Only 43% of U.S. workers say if they won the lottery with enough money to live on for the rest of their life they would quit their job immediately.
--Harris Interactive, September 2005

The average worker wastes more than 2 hours a day.
--America Online/, July 2005

More than 44% of workers say they waste time at work with personal internet use; second most popular time wasting activity was socializing with co-workers.
--America Online/, July 2005

Workers in Missouri are said to waste the most time of any workers in the nation: 3.2 hours a day.
--America Online/, July 2005

The amount of time we take for lunch: 30 minutes or less (53%), 30 to 60 minutes (37%), 60 minutes or more (10%).
--America Online/, October 2005

17% of workers who are married say they've flirted with a co-worker.
--Harris Interactive, September 2005

67% say co-workers do not make a new pot of coffee even when they take the last cup.
--Quill Corporation, July 2005

48% of employers nationwide say they are swapping fattening food items for healthy ones.
--Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, September 2005

29% of advertising and marketing executives say receiving large unsolicited files is the most annoying aspect of communicating with business contacts online.
--The Creative Group, September 2005

29% of advertising and marketing executives say being copied on superfluous "reply all" messages as the most irksome e-mail practice.
--The Creative Group, September 2005

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