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Business Travel Statistics


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Even though cell phone use during flight is banned, on average 1 to 4 cell phone calls are made from every commercial flight in the Northeast U.S.

--Carnegie Mellon University, March 2006

How has lack of sleep from business travel affected work? 23% of business travelers said they fell asleep in a meeting, 18% said a presentation went badly, and 14% missed a meeting or flight.

--British Airways, July 2005

48% of employees polled said they travel for work less frequently compared to five years ago.

--Robert Half International, July 2005

43% of workers polled said they use their laptops on vacation for work-related e-mails.

--Harris Interactive, July 2005

The average corporate traveler is overcharged $11.35 a night.

--Corporate Lodging Consultants, July 2005

American businesses overpay on hotel stays by more than $1.8 million every day.

--Corporate Lodging Consultants, July 2005

51% of small business owners say they check in with the office daily while on vacation.

--ICR for American Express, July 2005