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Online Consumer Statistics


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Online retailers are acquiring new customers at a 15% annual rate versus 2% for brick and mortar stores.

--Deloitte & Touche USA, November 2006

In October 2006, the web hit 100 million web pages.

--Netcraft, November 2006

In the 3rd quarter of 2006, non-travel online spending jumped 23% from the same time a year ago.

--comScore Networks, November 2006

75% of online shoppers say they would not return to a website that took longer than 4 seconds to load.

--Akamai, November 2006

54% of consumers referred a friend to a vendor found online.

--Nielsen/Net Ratings, November 2006

30% of internet users still use dial-up.

--Keynote Systems, October 2006

21% of consumers visited a retail website within 30 days of receiving direct mail; up from 14% in 2003.

--The Winterberry Group, October 2006

3 in 5 internet users view online videos.

--ComScore Media Metrix, September 2006

93% of those who have a new worth of $10 million or more have purchased a luxury product on the internet in the past year.

--The Luxury Institute, July 2006

E-mail and coupons were influential for just 21% of small business purchases.

--JupiterResearch, July 2006

Game websites reach almost 50% of the internet universe.

--comScore Networks, June 2006

20% of gamers have an annual income greater than $75,000 per year.

--comScore Networks, June 2006

63% of adults believe it's acceptable to chat on a cell phone while in the car.

--LetsTalk, June 2006

Online sales are expected to surpass $200 billion this year. Study, June 2006

82% of daily online newspaper readers have purchased products online.

--Newspaper Association of America, June 2006

20% of internet home use is for work purposes and 26% of internet use at work is for personal use.

--Isobar, May 2006

Consumers are 50% more likely to be influenced by blogs and e-mails than radio or TV advertising.

--EPM Communications, April 2006

U.S. consumers are expected to increase their spending at online retail stores from $877 per consumer in 2005 to $1,512 per consumer by 2009.

--eMarketer, May 2006

11.8% of Google's search clicks and 11.4% of Yahoo!'s search clicks are on sponsored links.

--comScore qSearch, April 2006

694 million people worldwide used the internet in March 2006.

--comScore, May 2006

45% of active web users visit social networking sites.

--Nielsen/NetRatings, May 2006

73% of adults in the U.S. use the internet.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, April 2006

42% of Americans have a broadband internet connection at home.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, April 2006

2:1 spending on promotional products compared to internet display advertising.

--Advertising Specialty Institute, April 2006

25% of web searchers bought an item directly related to their web search; 37% performed their entire transaction on the web.

--comScore Networks, March 2006

75% of U.S. adults who go online say the internet has made it easier to start a business.

--Yahoo Small Business/Harris Interactive, April 2006

The number of online bankers increased 27% in 2005.

--comScore Networks, April 2006

43% say the ability to network online would prompt additional in-person networking; 34% believe the opposite would occur.

--The Creative Group, March 2006

E-commerce is growing at a rate of roughly 25% per year even though the number of shoppers has remained about the same.

--U.S. Department of Commerce/Gallup, March 2006

50% of U.S. adults don't believe search engine companies should turn over search queries; 44% disagree.

--Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the U. of Conn., February 2006

65% of consumers say they buy more unplanned items at a retail store than from an internet site.

--WebSurveyor, January 2006

67% of American adults go online.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, December 2005

89% of college graduates or higher education go online.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, December 2005

95% of American households sort and assess their postal mail daily; 57% check their e-mail weekly.

--U.S. Postal Service, September 2005

Teens spend an average of 11 hours per week surfing the web.

--Forrester, October 2005

Online advertising is expected to have grown 28% in 2005.

--Jupiter Research, September 2005

64% of adults say they wouldn't pay for content to avoid online advertising.

--Jupiter Research, September 2005

31% of online adults paid for content in 2005, up 5% from 2004.

--Jupiter Research, September 2005

Subjects that U.S. bloggers write about in their blog(s): Anything and everything (65.7%), family (62.5%), friends (54.3%), hobbies (47.3%), self-esteem/self help topics (35%), job (34.3%), news (28.7%), gossip (26.3%), school (17.7%), and celebrities and entertainment (16.2%).

--AOL Digital Marketing Services, September 2005

40% of adult RSS users use them for product research.

--Forrester Research/ClickZ, August 2005

The average age of adult RSS user is 38.9.

--Forrester Research/ClickZ, August 2005

Domain registrations reached an all-time high in the 2nd quarter of 2005 with 83.9 million.

--VeriSign, August 2005

1 second: the frequency of new blogs created

--Technorati, August 2005

Roughly 30% of the total U.S. internet population visited blogs in the first quarter of 2005.

--comScore, August 2005

Nine out of ten 12- to 17-year-olds have online access.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, August 2005

66% of American adults use the internet.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, August 2005

52% of home internet users say their computer has slowed down or is not running as fast as it used to.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, August 2005

20% of internet users who said they had experienced at least one computer problem in the past year decided not to attempt a fix.

--Pew Internet & American Life Project, August 2005