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Let's Talk About Biz

Tap other entrepreneurs' knowledge virtually with online forums.

Did you know you can connect with other entrepreneurs through online forums? Here are five to get you chatting-and networking: Pick the brains of other business owners at IdeaCafe's CyberSchmooz message forums. These chat rooms focus on everything from business ideas, marketing, and homebased businesses to Gen-X entrepreneurs, e-commerce, money talk and more. tackles all food service-related issues, from gift cards to food safety, and features an enormous array of topics broken down into "Restaurant Biz Talk," "Chef & Cooks Corner," "TechTalk" and "Onsite." Small Business Forum covers a broad range of categories, such as new business ideas, franchising, business law, insurance and website management, just to name a few. In addition, the site dedicates an entire section to small business. The Small Business Community Forums site is dedicated to all things related to small business, including taxes, employees, import/export tips, legal matters, advertising and much more. It also conducts regular polls and provides statistics on its community members. Created so women entrepreneurs could talk shop and help each other, is filled with public and private forums offering advice, tips and resources. Topics include "Critique My Website," "Legality," "Money Matters," "Barter Is Better" and "PR."

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