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4 Ways to Keep Focus While Starting Up

It doesn't take magic to find success--just find your purpose, and stay on track.

This story appears in the March 2006 issue of Start Up.

Sarah grew up around dogs and cats, and she dreamed of starting a convenient, reasonably priced pet-grooming business. In her research, she discovered that potential customers wanted additional services from groomers, including pet CPR training, discount treats and day care. Soon, she became overwhelmed by the enormous task of turning her dream into a reality.

I asked her to focus her energy by developing an "actionable purpose"--a specific, achievable goal coupled with the intention to support it. She quickly responded, "I want to create an economical way to bathe pets with natural shampoos that keep their skin

irritation-free and their coats healthy." Armed with this new vision, she knew where to begin.

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