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Long-Distance VoIP

One company offers VoIP long-distance rates with no router required.

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How low can they go? How about 10 bucks a month? Long-distance rate-slashing is so infectious that one telco is offering all the North American long distance you can eat for $9.95 a month--and you don't need a broadband connection, a router or even a PC to get those savings.

You do need a little $19.95 phone dongle called Chatter Bug that Lagunawavesells online and through popular retailers. You plug the sausage-size Chatter Bug into the wall and plug your plain old telephone service line into it. Chatter Bug configures itself and automatically sends your long-distance calls to a Lagunawave server, where they're converted from analog to ones and zeros, then routed over the internet to your calling party's local phone exchange.

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