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Ask Entrepreneur - Franchises


How Much Freedom Do Franchisees Have?

I'm interested in a few franchise businesses in the automotive industry but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that franchises are the way to go rather than opening my own business. What happens...
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How Do I Value My Stake in a Business?

We own a security fencing company and a solar technology company. I was trying to figure out what my portion of the company would be worth. I own 8 percent of each company. What's the best way to calc...
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How Do I Re-Start My Business?

I purchased a small deli, with no experience and as an absentee owner. After two years, many mistakes have been made and revenues have been declining. I'm thinking of closing the doors. But I still be...
Legal Basics For Startups

How Do I Bring Partners into the Business?

I have come to a point where I need more people to help me install renewable enery products in Mexico. One of the people who wants to partner with me is a good friend but he has a friend with a lot of...
Legal Basics For Startups

When Do I Need a Business License?

I'm in the process of starting a small wood and toy shop in Maine. But as I am a sole proprietor, located more than 30 miles from a town but right on a major traffic throughfare, what would be conside...

How Can I Pitch My Invention?

I have a patent for an outdoor solar device that's also decorative. I'm looking to either sell the rights to it or find a company that would license it. What are the best ways for me to get my product...
Human Resources

How Do I Chart a Path for Employee Growth?

I own a research and development company for pharmaceutical drugs. How can I create a success ladder for employees? I was thinking there would be three "ladders" altogether: Managerial, admi...

What Should I Consider Before Seeking a Business Loan?

Is it better to go to a bank for a loan or ask family and friends? What factors should I consider? Are there better ways for an entrepreneur to finance his or her business today?

How Do I Market a Product in a Foreign Country?

I sell products and am hoping you can share some marketing tips so that I can promote them locally in Uganda. It's a developing country. Any advice?
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Should I Finish School Before Starting a Business?

I have lots of ideas that I have written down that I would like to see become products, but because I am still a kid I lack credibility that an adult would have. Also, school is important to me and if...
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How Should I Donate Business Sales to Charity?

I'm an artist who plans to start a website where I will donate partial proceeds of the sales of my work to various charities on a permanent basis. What is the best system is to do this? Should the par...
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Can I Use Another Business's Name?

I decided to give my business a particular name but have since discovered that it's been taken by another company. Can I use the same name or should I change it? What kind of trademark issues, if any,...

How Should I Analyze a Market?

I am looking to start a fast food restaurant. However, I don't know which type would be most profitable in today's market (ethnic, casual, etc.). Is there any way I can get an expert to assist with th...
Online Marketing

How Can I Make My Content Go Viral?

How much success can we expect by strengthening viral marketing channels? Will my content (products, services, etc.) really be spread across the nation in less than 12 months due to viral marketing? O...
Starting a Business

How Much Will It Cost to Launch an E-Commerce Site?

I am starting a group buying e-commerce website. While writing a business plan I struggle with coming up with realistic numbers as far as operation expenses. Also, how can I project how many unique vi...


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