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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Should I Change My Company's Name?

I recently started a limited liability company (LLC) but have not purchased a company with it yet. I also haven't set up any credit accounts or bank account for it. My goal is to establish good busine...
Starting a Business

Where Can I Get Help Launching a Website?

I'd like to start a web business but I need help. How can I find a free consulting service? How can I make sure the consultant doesn't steal my idea?

How Should I Prepare for a Franchise Discovery Day?

I've been researching franchises and have finally settled on one that seems to be a good match. I'm about to head to its franchise discovery day. What can I expect? How should I prepare? What should I...

What Do I Need to Buy a Franchise?

I'm interested in movie theaters. What certificates and documents would I need to have to buy a franchise in this market? Is it possible to buy a franchise without any capital?
Starting a Business

How Can I Raise Money for My Nonprofit?

I am attempting to start a nonprofit organization that gives boxes of supplies to people in need -- locally and internationally. My first project will be to send a few hundred of these boxes to people...
Starting a Business

How Do I Use Benchmarking in My Business Plan?

I am writing a business plan on a new business in my market that will offer two distinct services not yet offered here. There are two companies offering these services successfully on another continen...

Is it Risky to Buy Into a Small Franchise?

I am currently investigating a franchise that only has one franchised unit open. What special considerations should I take when researching it? I want to make sure the franchise is going to be just as...
Starting a Business

Should a Startup Hand Over Control to an Investor?

I am launching a small business in my town and it is only going to take $1,000 to get started. A friend wants to invest the $1,000 in the business but says he wants a 55 percent ownership stake of the...

Can I Start a Business with No Startup Capital?

I am an electrical engineer and want to be my own boss. But how can I start a business if I have zero capital to work with?

Should I Open a Pizza Franchise Abroad?

I am living in Mumbai and I am interested in starting my own business. I have not seen U.S.-based pizza businesses anywhere in Mumbai. Is it worth looking into buying a U.S. pizza franchise and openin...
Starting a Business

What Are the Best Titles for Company Founders?

My partner and I are in the process of forming an LLC. However, we are torn over how to create appropriate titles for each other. One of us is focused on the technology side and the other on the busin...

What is a Good Resource for Determining Employee Pay Scales?

I'm in the process of developing a business plan for a cheerleading gym and am looking for a resource that will share pay information for other gym owners like me, as well as pay scale information for...

How Can I Know If I'd Be a Good Franchisee?

I've been out of work for almost two years and have been looking at franchise business ownership. There are so many franchises to choose from and although I feel like I could be successful, I'm not co...
Grow Your Business

How Do I Sell My Product to a Retail Store?

In my shop, I make a sheet-metal evaporative cooler jack. How can I sell it to a hardware store? Do I need some sort of certification and, if so, how do I do that?
Starting a Business

How Do I Decide Which Business Idea I Should Pursue?

I'm young and eager, and I have many ideas that I want to turn into businesses. The problem is I can't narrow down the list to just one. How do I pick one idea to move forward with?


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