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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

What Can I Do When an Investor Freezes Funds?

I started a new business with a partner three months ago. He had the money but no experience while I had the experience but no money. His initial investment was $15,000. Mine was $0. <br /> <br />...
Grow Your Business

How Do I Protect Myself from Lawsuits?

I'm starting up a children's art-class business in my home and would like to know how to protect myself from being sued in case of injuries. I can't afford to pay for insurance. Although I don't have...
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Should I Sell My Franchise?

I have had my franchise business for two years and we're struggling. Should I sell, hire someone to run it or close my doors?

How Can I Determine if a Franchise Will be a Good Fit for Me?

I'm wondering: How can I research the validity of a specific franchise business? Does the size of the franchise system matter and how can I best find out if the company will be a good fit for me in my...

How Can I Reach Clients Online?

We sell high-end custom furniture. Our problem is knowing how to reach our clients. We utilize a website. Any advice?
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Is it OK to Ask Hourly Workers to Not Work on Holidays?

Our company has paid holidays for salaried employees and we ask the hourly workers to not work on those days. This means, of course, that they don't get paid. We offer them the ability to work extra h...
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How Can I Get More Site Traffic?

I run a niche construction company doing earthquake retrofitting. This is a one-and-done service. How can I get more site visitors and better conversions?
Grow Your Business

How Can I Avoid the Pitfalls of Paying Commission?

I will be running my windshield-repair business. I'm a university student and plan to hire students for summer jobs. My vision is to have each one run a kiosk as if it was his or her own micro-busines...
Grow Your Business

How Do I Make a Sales Forecast?

I'm looking for guidance for making a sales forecast to present to possible financial backers. I have three years' sales experience, but no marketing background. I'm convinced that the business idea i...
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What's the Best Way to Find Quality Leads?

Is there a better way to generate quality leads besides cold-calling? I cold-call hospitals, medical centers and related companies, selling medical transcription services.

What's the Secret to Winning Repeat Customers?

What is the most important factor in generating repeat purchases?
Grow Your Business

What Regulations Do I Need to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant?

What regulations and laws do I need to know about when opening a restaurant?
Grow Your Business

How Do I Force Out My Partner?

I'm a one-third owner of an LLC. One partner is not pulling her weight and we want her to go. If she, the partner, isn't willing to be bought out, what are my options?
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How Do I Find a Web Designer with SEO Expertise?

How can I go about finding a web designer to hire? We'd like a company that can help get us on the first page of Google results.
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Is Bluetooth Marketing Effective?

I have been reseaching Bluetooth marketing technology and wondering why I am just now finding out about it when it hit the market around 2008. Did it prove to be ineffective? I would like to see some...


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