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Ask Entrepreneur - Franchises


How Can I Create a Burger Franchise?

A while back I launched a burger stall. I now have two stalls in separate locations, and both are doing very well. I want to take my business to the next level, and I think the best way is to franchis...
Human Resources

How Do You Find Employees With the Right Mindset?

As an entrepreneur, my company is my pride and joy. When it comes to staffing up, how can I find people to bring into my organization that truly care about it the way I do?
Legal Basics For Startups

Can I Start a U.S. Business As an International Student?

I am an international student currently earning a master's degree in the United States. A friend and I want to start a web company. We each hold an F-1 visa. I already have a Social Security number bu...
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When Should I Move Into Real Office Space?

My wife and I own a consultancy which is registered as an LLP. We have been operating it out of our home for the past year, but we're starting to feel hampered by the lack of real office space. When i...
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Can a Company Use Two Logos?

My wife and my sister-in-law launched an online women's clothing boutique this year. Now my sister-in-law wants to change the logo and go back and forth between using the old logo and the new one. I a...
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What Entrepreneurial Project Can I Do With 12th Graders?

I am working with five groups of 12th-grade students at local high schools to implement one or more entrepreneurial projects to expose the students to the traits of successful entrepreneurs, including...
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How Do I Go About Franchising My Business?

For the past 12 years, I have run a pest control business. I'm now considering my options for the future, and I'm interested to know how I might go about turning it into a franchise.
Ask Entrepreneur

What Is the Best Degree for Young Entrepreneurs?

For young people like myself with an entrepreneurial bent who are about to enter college, currently enrolled or considering to which schools to submit applications, what is the best degree to prepare...
Ask Entrepreneur

What Top 3 Things Should I Do in a Recession?

In difficult economic times, what should a persevering professional do to succeed or simply make it through?
Ask Entrepreneur

How Should I Prepare for a Future As an Entrepreneur?

I am 17 years old and I'm hoping to be an entrepreneur some day. I have a few business ideas, but nothing solid yet, and I haven't yet started college. What steps can I take now to prepare myself to b...
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How Should an LLC Pay for Its Medicare Policy?

Should the sole member of the LLC pay for his Medicare supplement policy by personal check or as a company benefit?
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How Can I Generate Leads With a Limited Marketing Budget?

I am the marketing manager of a company providing mobile and web application services. We wish to target startups and other companies that want to make an app for their business. We are looking for da...
Ask Entrepreneur

What Is the Best Way to Relaunch a Business?

I recently had a number of setbacks early in the year which slowed things down dramatically. Now that things are getting back on track again, I need to figure out how to get back into the race. Any ge...
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How Can I Implement an Inventory Tracking System?

My father owns a small retail hardware store, but there is no electronic system to keep track of the inventory. He and his employees do a physical count or guesstimate to see what items need to be ord...
Ask Entrepreneur

What Is the Difference Between an LLC and a Partnership?

I'm trying to sort out my options for incorporation, and I'm a bit lost. I'm interested to know the differences between an LLC and a Partnership. And if I register my business as an LLC, can I later c...


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