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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

How do I start a creative outsourcing company in Chicago?

My target is small and medium enterprises that don't have independent marketing/advertising agencies. I would upload client requirements to my creative expert team in India, and they would e-mail the...

How do I buy out my employer's new, failing business?

I'm currently in school for skin care, scheduled to graduate in September 2008. However, my current employer owns a spa that isn't doing very well because of poor marketing and business ethics. I fee...
Legal Basics For Startups

How do I resign from a corporation based in Texas?

I want to remove myself from an existing corporation that my partner wants to keep running. I want to have nothing else to do with it, and I want it to have nothing else to do with me in any legal, li...
Legal Basics For Startups

I am about to start a restaurant with my partner, and he will run the day-to-day operations.

I am about to start a restaurant with my partner, and he will run the day-to-day operations. I will be responsible for the accounting. How should our salaries be determined? Industry average for both?...

Should I care about how my soon-to-be business partner comes up with the money to invest?

My business partner is thinking of taking on a low-interest-rate (till the balance is paid off) credit card loan to fund our startup. Should I be concerned?

I'm purchasing an existing convenience store. How do I finance this purchase? I need about $50,000.

I'm currently employed. Combined income for my wife and me is about $200,000 per year. Combined, our 401K accounts total approximately $250,000. The convenience store is housed in a Miami residentia...

How would you define marketing?

I am doing a project for school and one of the reqirements is to develop my own definition of marketing based on five to six different definitions from different sources. How you would define the word...

Is it taxable income if a company reimburses an employee for health insurance premiums?

The employee has his own health insurance and pays the premiums. The company reimburses the employee for the premiums. Is this taxable income, and does it need to be included on the Employee's W-2?

How do I go about achieving local news coverage for my company?

I own and operate a seasonal lighting company that decorates people's homes at Christmas time. I believe that publicity from the local TV stations or newspapers could help my business boom this season...

Can a 501C corporation advertise in public places and newsprint to attract new members?

We are a golf/country club with 501C status. We feel we can attract members if we advertise our club in local newspapers. Is this legal?

What other ways can I advertise my business on a nonexistent budget?

I have been advertising by: word of mouth, by free directories online, via e-mail signature that links to my website, through Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Craigslist.

What kind of events would help promote my new business, and how do I find them?

I recently started a business preparing and selling homemade dog food.

How can I jump-start my business in this economy?

My partner a I have a service bureau business specializing in document management services for the legal community. For 14 years we've had a steady business--until now. We are at a loss for what we ca...


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