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Ask Entrepreneur - Legal Basics For Startups

Legal Basics For Startups

Can the board of directors vote to create a DBA or should this be brought to the memebership?

We are a local organization of artists who are finding that our name is restrictive and limiting (we're a small non-profit 501 c-3 corporation) In this instance, can the board of directors vote to cre...
Legal Basics For Startups

How can I make sure underage children aren't buying my products?

I am selling a service on my website where I help people in a lesson form over the internet after they have paid me through Paypal. Everything has been going smooth and great, but I recently had a per...
Legal Basics For Startups

What are the requirements for getting a business and import license?

I am planning to start a handicrafts import business in Wisconsin. I need to know the requirements for getting a business license and import license. Should I have an attorney from the beginning to g...
Grow Your Business

What are the pros and cons of for-profit and non-profit businesses?

I can't seem to find anyone who can explain the pros and cons of profit vs. non-profit aside from the obvious. I want to be protected, but don't necessarily want the government and red tape.<br /> <b...

Am I too old to buy a franchise?

I'm a 56 year old female that has worked in a corporate setting for the past 34 years. I'm in the process of doing my due diligence on a franchise. Except for maternity leaves I was never off for il...
Grow Your Business

How do I recover financially and emotionally from a business failure?

Ten years ago, I was a young successful executive at a large insurance firm. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and left my high paying job and bought a franchise that became succesful very quickl...
Starting a Business

How can I make my recycling business idea profitable?

I am interested in starting an e-waste recycling business in Massachusetts. After doing some initial research, I realized that there is no simple and convenient way for businesses or consumers to di...

My e-business tanked--how can I cut my losses?

A website business I started tanked due to lack of business capital and profit. I thought of looking for angels but the customer base is not there to provide their return. I think the idea and site...
Starting a Business

What university major would prepare me for entrepreneurship better?

Hi. I'm currently a university student in Australia. I'm currently completing my commerce degree but I'm having trouble deciding which major would be most beneficial to me in the future. I'm torn betw...
Grow Your Business

What is the best way to break off a partnership in a small business if I want to keep the clients that I have worked so hard to obtain?

My business partner has no money on the equity into the business and seems to go on vacation every time a big job comes up and expects to still be paid as a partner. Lately, I have had to resolve iss...
Starting a Business

Do I need a portfolio of past projects to start marketing my consulting business?

My resume shows work experience in key account management where I presented sales presentations to retailers and buyers. My resume also shows work in the marketing agency setting where I was an accou...
Starting a Business

Is it wise to partner up when opening a restaurant?

I am a 27-year-old female living in small-town Minnesota. I have wanted to open my own restaurant for years now, just haven't taken the jump yet. A good friend proposed that we partner up. I am a litt...
Starting a Business

Given the economic state and the recession outlook, what advice would you give a first timer business owner?

Interested in opening an eclectic vintage and coffee boutique in a quaint yet busy city in Florida. Concerned if now is the correct time to open a business, or if I should wait until the 'downturn' p...
Starting a Business

How do I acquire the former customers of my parents' failing business without my parents resenting me?

My family business is going bankrupt. The plan was for my wife and I to take it over throughout the next few years, but the business has been going downhill. Now I've started my own business doing th...


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