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Ask Entrepreneur - Legal Basics For Startups

Legal Basics For Startups

How can I end a partnership with my ex?

I own 75 percent and she has 25 percent (it's all in writing). She does not do her part in trying to build the business or basically anything pertaining to the business. I am frustrated about the si...

How do I determine the cost of my products for tax purposes if I forget how much they were in the first place?

My husband and I have collected antiques for many years, mostly small items that could easily be sold on eBay. The problem is that I don't remember how much I paid for most items. How do I determine...

Is a non-employee end of the year form better than a 1099?

For 6 months last year I worked as a private contract therapist for a man who holds a contract with Washington State for therapy. I paid all my own expenses. He did not send a 1099; he sent a form cl...

How can I get honest feedback on a new business that incorporates social networking?

I am working on an online company that will assist companies with marketing on Facebook using the most recent tools and opportunities made available by the Facebook team. I have all the resources and...

What's the best way to advertise within a downtown area?

I am the owner of a landscaping company in the Dallas, TX area and due to the increase in town-homes, condominiums and high-rise units, our company has expanded. We are now offering small space lands...

How do I secure key licensing partnerships?

I have an apparel product that currently exists in the market. I believe that I could take this line of products to another level with some key licenses attached to my line. I am most interested in th...
Human Resources

How can I hire more employees and retain them with a seasonal business?

I have a seasonal swimming pool service business that runs from March to November. I need service techs and an office manager/secretary.

What vehicle expenses should I pay for my salespeople?

I am hiring a new sales person that will be driving their own car everyday and calling on multiple customers in an area. I do not want to pay a flat mileage. What expenses should I pay and how can I...

Quickbooks is too complex to me--what other accounting software do you recommend?

I don't understand how to make a transaction with my POS system and then write an invoice every time I make a sale. I need software that can basically input my daily sales and at the same time record...

We always fall behind on cash flow at the beginning of the year--what are we doing wrong?

We own a shoe and sporting goods store. Sales in the year 2004 (the year before we took over) were in the $450,000 range and in 2 years and 4 months we increased them to roughly $650,000. But our de...

How do I use QuickBooks to keep track of all the small things?

I am using QuickBooks to track things like revenue, expenses, customers, and vendors for my lawn care and snow removal business. The business is less than a year old at this point, so I'm a new busin...

To start restructuring the way our company spends money, who should I talk to?

I'm taking over my family business. We are a small subcontractor and we are doing well now but, as I have seen in the past, the boom time doesn't last. My father seems oblivious to this and I want t...
Human Resources

Should our small business freely share monthly and yearly revenue figures with all employees?

I'll soon be taking over the position as V.P. of Operations of a medical practice with approximately 60 employees. In the past, the owners have been reluctant to share revenue figures with all the em...

Should I use loans or credit cards to fund my startup?

I'm almost a college graduate and am getting ready to open a coffee shop in my hometown, which only has a few coffee shops and all are overflowing. With the amount of student loans I have to pay back...
Legal Basics For Startups

How do I set up a cost or royalty fee for running a replica of my website in another country?

I have a US brand product. A client wants to sell the same product in the UK and create a website that matches my US website. Is this franchising and licensing? If so, can I charge money or royalty fe...


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