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Ask Entrepreneur - Franchises


Is now the right time to buy the business I've managed for 7 years?

I am considering purchasing a small business that I have managed for the past 7 years, but am reluctant as our sales in 2006 were good but every other year they seem to be slipping. With the higher co...
Starting a Business

At what point should I make the full leap from my day job to my startup?

I have a photography business that I'm starting up, but don't know at what point I should make the full leap from my day job to this startup. Is there a certain amount of income I should reserve befo...
Starting a Business

What should I be doing while the patent for my software is pending?

A year ago I developed a software based idea and have recently patented it. Currently it's at the patent pending stage, but I don't know how to proceed from here. I've researched, but don't know where...

How can I start propositioning capitol investors if I'm not sure how much money I need yet?

I have invented a product in the automotive field that I absolutely know will be a huge success. I have obtained legal advise from a patent professional and his best advice is to find someone who has...

What is an effective way to advertise to millionaires?

I just started working under a company and my target market are those who are making around 5 million dollars . I am not new to sales, however I am new to this focus of networking. I want to be succe...
Legal Basics For Startups

What are the consequences of underestimating the fair market value of a pure startup in an 83(b) election?

Our company has just received its first round of funding which included issuance of restricted stock to the founders. Founders will elect 83(b) but want it to be a low as possible on the stock valuati...

How can I find the right person or program to help me get out of debt?

My fashion shop is in debt but I don't want to sell. I know I can make the money back, but it is hard to find an investor. Even if I sell everything, I still cannot pay my debts. I am running out of t...
Startup Basics

How do I run an eBay business from abroad?

I am from Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, we don't have eBay Greek or any eBay association at all, but my dream is to export modern contemporary Greek art. What should I do?
Building a Website

How should I go about getting a website domain from someone who already has it?

Someone has a website domain that I want and, looking through the records, it expires in 2008. What is the best and least expensive way to approach them about getting the URL?

How do I find access to IT systems to allow for online scheduling on my side and online viewing of schedules by my clients?

My business is scheduling-intense and coordinating events. I would like an online availability for my customers to view what is going on at my business in real time (with us having the ability to con...

Should I set up dealerships or franchises in order to expand my company?

I have created a garage improvement company in Boise, Idaho in the past six months. I considered purchasing a similar garage improvement franchise, but decided that I did not have to go that route....

How do I value sponsorships, advertising, and marketing by other businesses in my building?

I have a facility for year-round sports tournaments, camps, leagues, charities, and community use. I have a lot of people traffic and space for advertising, sponsorships, and businesses. How do I va...

How can we get less people passing up our eatery for the one down the street?

I own a small eatery in an urban ethnic community with a lot of busy businesses. But it sometimes seems as if we get passed over a lot when people go to another hamburger joint down the street from us...

I need some accounting help here--who should I give my 1099s to?

I am a marketing consultant with an LLC and I work alone. I sell event sponsorships for a local business who is the promoter of the events. I receive 20 percent on anything I sell. Many times I ne...


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