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Ask Entrepreneur - Money


How do I claim cash purchases on my business taxes?

I just started my welding business in January 2007 and paid cash for all of my equipment. I'm not sure how to claim this. I haven't taken in any revenue on this business yet, and am still in the set u...
Selling Online

What is the best way to predict how much you will sell on the internet?

I already have a physical store. I am expanding my website. I also need to buy merchandise to be able to fulfil orders. I don't want to buy to much so I have a ton left over. What are your bet ide...

How do we advertise and market a business conference without cold calls?

We need our conference information to get to the general publc quick. We tried using the internet. Our campaign only raised a 0.05% ratio. Word-of-mouth worked better, but we still haven't reached clo...
Grow Your Business

I want to sell our business, but my partner doesn't--what should I do?

I'm co-owner of a business with my friend and have been approached by a wealthy group who wants ownership. My other partner is not interested and has put more time and money into the company than I ha...
Starting a Business

Can I start a sole proprietorship with my wife jointly?

I am concerned about the tax implications of including my wife. I am also wondering if this would be considered a partnership and not a sole proprietorship.
Starting a Business

What should I be doing now to be able to own a business in a few years?

I'm 19 year old sophomore attending Occidental College in California. How should I prepare to be an entrepreneur while I'm in college?

What is an acceptable rate of growth for a small business during the first five years?

I have a small health care related business that I purchased from another doctor five years ago. Collections increased 20 percent in the first year of ownership, 22 percent in the second year of owne...
Legal Basics For Startups

Is it unethical to start a business that is just like another business?

I have an idea for a product based business and have found a similar business online. Some of the product offerings are almost exactly the same as what I'd like to offer with a few exceptions such as...

How do I research the interests of teenagers in my local area?

Teenagers are a major focus group that my company (in its startup stages) plans to impact. Resources and events will be created for them to learn from and be inspired by.

How do we stop a particular franchisor from continuing to deceive more franchisees in the future?

I am an ex-franchisee who feels deceived by my past franchisor, along with many other franchisees of this particular system. In hindsight, there were warning signs and we just didn't know enough to re...
Grow Your Business

How can I create an inventory tracking system without computers?

Any suggestions for tracking inventory in a small kiosk without using a computer program? I have a cell phone accessory cart which I currently use software to track inventory. I would like to open oth...


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