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How Can I (Legally) Support Myself With Funds Raised for an Early-Stage Startup?

An aspiring entrepreneur asks whether it's legal to take a salary from investor capital. Ask Entrepreneur's business expert answers, also suggesting crucial factors to consider before leaving a job and salary behind for any startup.

How Can I Keep an Employee I Cannot Afford to Pay?

When the money isn't there, what can a struggling business owner do to keep a crucial employee on staff? Ask Entrepreneur's HR expert sheds light on the big picture and suggests solutions.

How Much Should I Pay Retailers for Selling My Product?

I want to start selling my handmade jewelry in boutiques, but I do not know much of the profits should go to the owner of the shop. Any advice?

What Should I Consider Before Seeking a Business Loan?

Is it better to go to a bank for a loan or ask family and friends? What factors should I consider? Are there better ways for an entrepreneur to finance his or her business today?

What's the Best Way to Find Startup Money?

I am working on a deal with the largest distributor in the world of sporting goods to sell a product I've come up with. This company has already offered a payoff of my patent with a 3 percent royalty. However, my business plan isn't finished and I need more money. I know this is a really good problem for me and my company, but I'm wondering: Should I seek an investor? What's the best way, and why?

How Much Should I Charge for My Service?

I want to start an information consultancy firm in a relatively new market -- meaning I have not seen any other business like this for the advertising industry. Given this, how can I determine how much money I should charge clients to look for information for them? Obviously I don't want to over-charge them but I also don't want to under-pay myself. Any advice?

What is a Good Resource for Determining Employee Pay Scales?

I'm in the process of developing a business plan for a cheerleading gym and am looking for a resource that will share pay information for other gym owners like me, as well as pay scale information for future staff. Any suggestions?

How do I find market research for my business plan?

I am starting a doggy daycare, so I need to find the number of dogs in the area I want to open my business.

Does the IRS accept scanned receipts for tax write-offs?

If so, can I destroy the original receipts?

How can I get small-business grants?

I want to open a paintball store but need help with funding.

What's the best way for a startup to handle taxes?

We really can't afford to hire an accountant.

How can I calculate my yearly projection?

I am trying to create a business plan and need to know how to calculate year three and five sale projections.

Is my WACC taxed?

I'm very confused by this situation.

How do you evaluate the cost of hiring a new employee?

I've been using temps, but they've proved unreliable.

How do I value a partner's share in a privately-held S corp?

There are only two partners in the business.

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