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Ask Entrepreneur - Money


Should my mom move out of the restaurant location she's had for more than 10 years because of the expensive lease?

She's owned this rotisserrie chicken restaurant since 1996. In 2004 she signed a five-year lease that was expensive at the time. She could afford it then because business was going well, but sales and...

Does having a poor credit rating mean I can never secure financing?

I have an idea for a business that I know will take off. However, my poor credit rating is being held against me. How do I win? I'm trying to be self-sufficient and not rely on welfare. All I need is...

Do you risk all that you have when starting a new business?

How do you start a new business without losing all that you own? Is there a way to seperate personal assets from business assets and still get the money needed for startup?

Is there an easy formula for valuing a tutoring business so one partner can buy out the other?

My wife started an in-home tutoring brokerage with another partner. They want to dissolve the relationship, but my wife will maintain the business. The company has gross revenues of about $150,000 a y...

At what point when growing a small business should you begin to pay yourself?

I currently live with my mother and I am eager to move out. I've been told that the money you make in business should be reinvested in the business. So, when can I start using some of the money to h...

As an investor, what kind of return should I anticipate?

If I were to invest $40,000 to help start a trucking business, what type of return should I expect on that $40,000? I've never done this before and want to be fair to everyone involved.

Is there a way to write off operating expenses for investment property?

My relatives own investment property in California and want to write off the operating expenses. Their personal income is more than $150,000 a year, so they have been told that they are very limited...

How do we attract investors for a planned organic spa in a tourist area in Argentina?

We have 70 acres close to Puerto Iguazu, which draws thousands of tourists daily from around the world. We are finishing our business plan for a high-tech spa that would also include a vegetarian rest...


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