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Ask Entrepreneur - Money


Should we be using our business credit card for purchases yet?

My business partner and I have different philosophies on when to use a credit card. She'd like us to use our business card every time we're talking about our business or working on our business at a r...

How do you calculate or determine what your business is worth to an investor?

I have an investor who is interested in all of my businesses that are linked together. She would be an angel investor but I want her to be more involved and she's fine with that. The amount she is wil...

Can this out-of-inventory order be called a business expense?

Usually we buy plenty of doors at the beginning of the year and then charge the customer for parts and labor a the time the sale is made. We recently had a customer that didn't want a door from our i...

Should I lease a car through my business to offset my yearly business income?

I am a private practice psychologist and I travel about 25 percent of the time for business (to and from office/clients). The remainder is personal use. I have also thought of adding a car magnet to a...

How do I keep my business credit separate from my personal credit?

When I set up my business bank account and obtained a business credit card, they asked for my personal and business information, even though the business is an LLC. Will the business accounts show up...

Is there a target return that I should be looking for when I invest in a company?

I'm thinking of investing in a startup, but I don't know how to determine if the projected return is acceptable. In the first year, the business will need capital equipment costing approximately $100,...

Can you deduct startup costs for a business that had no sales until the next year?

We started a business in 2007 but didn't start selling our product until 2008. Are the 2007 startup costs deductible on our 2007 taxes?

How do we determine our salary without consistent income?

My husband and I started a consulting/contracting company last year under an LLC. We are co-owners and have no employees. Due to the nature of our business, we do not have a consistent income. We b...

What do I do when my main investor passes away and I am in another country?

I'm currently in Africa with building my non-profit business charity and have found myself without the funding I had expected from this investor. I have a website that is being built, but at this poin...

What are the key ingredients to attracting and securing capital investors to your business?

I'm moving into a space where our business is seriously considering raising extra capital to finance further expansion. We've experienced great growth after our first first years operating and are rea...

Can we pass our business down to our children for free without any tax consequences?

My husband is the sole proprietor of a business and I am the bookkeeper/receptionist. My two sons are HVAC techs and do the work that brings in the money. We are of retirement age and would like to ju...

How can I recalculate the value of the initial investment in our company?

I have been a silent partner in a company for about 15 years. Some of the partners kept adding money to the company with different amounts throughout the years and consider that as part of the initial...

I do I file taxes on my independent contracting work without getting slammed every year?

I'm an independent contractor and I have another 9-5 job. My 9-5 takes taxes out but not my independent work. I make about $7,500 a year in untaxed income. How do I file taxes without getting slammed...

Should I use a W-9 document when obtaining a new business client?

I run a small IT/computer maintenance and repair business. I am now attempting to gain business clients and I was wondering, do I need to fill out a W-9 form for my business clients' payments or do I...

How do I determine the cost of my products for tax purposes if I forget how much they were in the first place?

My husband and I have collected antiques for many years, mostly small items that could easily be sold on eBay. The problem is that I don't remember how much I paid for most items. How do I determine...


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