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How Can I Find Out Whether a Business Name Is Already Taken?

I have a name for my business, but how do I find out if I can use it or whether someone else has already claimed it as their own? The name I want to use is Beauty Room.

How Can I Find an Attorney for My Startup?

I'm starting a retail boutique and I need a business accountant and attorney. What's the best way to choose them?

Where Can I Find a Reputable Wholesaler?

I'm looking into starting an apparel business but need to figure out where I can buy wholesale products from a reputable source.

How Can I Get an M.B.A. to Help on a Project?

I would like to propose a business idea to an M.B.A. student as a project that he or she can use in class and gain hands-on experience.

What Goes into a Nonconfidential Overview of My Business?

I was asked to put together a nonconfidential overview for my business. Can you help give me a sense of what types of information should and should not be in it?

What Can I Do When an Investor Freezes Funds?

I started a new business with a partner three months ago. He had the money but no experience while I had the experience but no money. His initial investment was $15,000. Mine was $0.

Since then, I feel as though certain stipulations in our operating agreement have been breached. He has withdrawn all funds from our company account and will not allow access to bank statements, transaction statements, etc. We purchased a van using company funds but it is registered in his name.

What can I do?

How Do I Protect Myself from Lawsuits?

I'm starting up a children's art-class business in my home and would like to know how to protect myself from being sued in case of injuries. I can't afford to pay for insurance. Although I don't have anything dangerous in my studio, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Should I Sell My Franchise?

I have had my franchise business for two years and we're struggling. Should I sell, hire someone to run it or close my doors?

Is it OK to Ask Hourly Workers to Not Work on Holidays?

Our company has paid holidays for salaried employees and we ask the hourly workers to not work on those days. This means, of course, that they don't get paid. We offer them the ability to work extra hours other days that week so they don't lose any money. But one hourly employee is challenging us on not allowing her to work on those holidays (she does not work in the office, more out of the office). Are we OK to ask her to not work those days?

How Can I Get More Site Traffic?

I run a niche construction company doing earthquake retrofitting. This is a one-and-done service. How can I get more site visitors and better conversions?

How Can I Avoid the Pitfalls of Paying Commission?

I will be running my windshield-repair business. I'm a university student and plan to hire students for summer jobs. My vision is to have each one run a kiosk as if it was his or her own micro-business. I am uncertain of what my first months' revenues will be, so I'm looking for ways to pay my employees commission. But I don't want disappointed employees if the revenues aren't as good as expected.

How Do I Make a Sales Forecast?

I'm looking for guidance for making a sales forecast to present to possible financial backers. I have three years' sales experience, but no marketing background. I'm convinced that the business idea is sound for our initial target area.

What's the Best Way to Find Quality Leads?

Is there a better way to generate quality leads besides cold-calling? I cold-call hospitals, medical centers and related companies, selling medical transcription services.

What Regulations Do I Need to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant?

What regulations and laws do I need to know about when opening a restaurant?

How Do I Force Out My Partner?

I'm a one-third owner of an LLC. One partner is not pulling her weight and we want her to go. If she, the partner, isn't willing to be bought out, what are my options?


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