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Is Bluetooth Marketing Effective?

I have been reseaching Bluetooth marketing technology and wondering why I am just now finding out about it when it hit the market around 2008. Did it prove to be ineffective? I would like to see some success stories outside of company testimonials.

Can I Pay a Part-Timer for Additional Piece Work?

Can I pay a current W-2, 1099 employee for piece work separately from his main part-time hourly responsibilities? This work would be blog articles to be written away from the office with no direction, and then we'd decide which articles to buy. Is there a better way to handle this? Our business is in Oregon, in case our state is pertinent.

How Long Must I Hold a Job for an Employee on Medical Leave?

I have an employee who was released from work with a doctor's note for an undisclosed amount of time. It has been over 180 days and there has been no contact from this employee as to when or if they will be returning to work. I am not sure how long I have to hold their position or job. With economic times as they are, their services are not needed anymore. But I do not want to terminate their employment illegally. Also, since this employee has not contacted me or return phone call placed to them regarding their status, can this be considered "job abandonment"?

How Can I Advertise on a Budget?

I'm starting a talent-show business. What are some free or low-cost ways to advertise? I'm based in Chicago, if that helps.

How Do I Choose a Partner for My Invention?

I have all the research needed to start but no funds, so I'm having a hard time choosing a company to partner with that already has the technology needed for my invention. Or should I seek out an investor and hire the help needed?

What Does a Business Plan Really Need to Include?

What's really necessary to include in a business plan?

How Do I Find a Partner for a Franchise Business?

I would like to buy into a franchise that will be the first in the U.S. but need to find a business partner with experience in the restaurant business. How would I find this person?

Should I Buy a Franchise in a Crowded Market?

I have been researching a franchise that has a lot of competition in the area. I love the concept and think it would do great in the market, but how worried should I be about the surrounding competition in the area? I'm concerned that it could be a recipe for disaster.

How Do I Resign from an S Corporation?

I recently formed a corporation with three other people. The situation is tense and I want to resign. What steps that I need to take? I also signed a guaranty on the loan to buy the property under the corporation's name since I was an officer. How do I take my name off this guaranty and leave the corporation in good terms?

How Do I Stop a Competitor from Using My Name?

In 2008, I filed a DBA for my business under Flutter. We specialize in eyelash extensions. I recently learned that a local hair salon in my city under new ownership is changing its name to Salon Flutter. I sent a courtesy email last week and haven't received a response. What should be my next step?

Do I Need an Auctioneer License to Run an Online Auction?

What kind of licenses do I need to run an online auction in Michigan?

How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job to Launch Your Business?

How do you know it's time to leave your comfortable job and start your own business?

How Can I Attract Wealthy Clients?

I own a five-year-old residential cleaning service and have tried every advertising medium with no luck in acquiring well-to-do clients. I currently do direct mail by demographic, Yellow Pages, website optimization, among other things. I've also tried newspaper inserts. What should I be doing?

What's the Best Way to Spread the Word About a New Product?

Do you have any suggestions for public-relations activities to raise awareness for a new product?

Would Studying Politics Help Me in Business?

Do you think studying politics would help me if I want to eventually lead my father's company?


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