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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

What's the Best Course of Study for Would-Be Restauranteurs?

What type of education do you suggest if I wanted to venture into the restaurant business? Are there specific training courses needed to get a better understanding?
Grow Your Business

How Can I Find a Manufacturer for a Product?

How can I find the right manufacturer for the products I've designed?
Grow Your Business

How Can I Avoid the Hard Sell from Franchisors?

I have been researching franchises on the Internet, in print and through peers who are owners. I haven't yet spoken with actual franchisors. I don't want them to try to sell me something, instead of m...
Grow Your Business

Do I Need a License to Run a Chat Site?

Is a business license required for running an online video chat website even if the website is free to users and profit comes from advertisements?
Grow Your Business

I Have an Idea for a Change to Facebook. How Can I Protect My Idea?

I have an idea for a change/addition to Facebook that I think would be huge. It also requires very little new site development to accommodate. It actually requires Facebook, and I don't think an appl...
Grow Your Business

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Your LLC to Be a Member of Another LLC?

I am the sole owner of an LLC. I am entering another business venture -- a 50/50 ownership -- with a friend and we are forming a second LLC in an industry related to my first LLC. I am thinking about...
Grow Your Business

How Do I Produce a Prototype While Protecting My Idea?

I have an idea for a product that I know will sell well, but how do I produce a prototype while protecting my idea?
Grow Your Business

What's the Best Way to Add Limited Partners for a Bar?

What is the best way to structure taking on limited investors for a restaurant/bar looking to expand? I would like to consider offering investment opportunities of approximately $25,000 or another app...
Grow Your Business

Do You Need a Business Plan Before Starting a Company?

This is a question from my class. This is to any entrepeneur out there. Also, tell me if you had any assistance with your business plan as well.
Grow Your Business

How Should I Evaluate a Franchise Opportunity?

How should an aspiring business owner evaluate a franchise opportunity?
Grow Your Business

Which Franchises Are Hot Right Now?

I want a sexy business that will do well in this market, but how do I know which franchise business will work? There are so many franchises to look at. How do I know which ones will thrive in my regio...
Grow Your Business

How Can I Improve Lunch Sales?

We're an upscale fine-dining Chinese restaurant near a university but far from office parks. We are open 12 to 3 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. We rarely have customers in the afternoon. What kind of adversti...
Grow Your Business

How Can an Ordinary Person Get a Grant to Buy or Start a Business?

I want to build or buy a carwash and or a laundromat. There are thousands for sale nationwide, but I don't have the means to buy one. Seems as if only the rich can get government grants.
Grow Your Business

How Do You Know When It's Time to Quit?

I have been in business with my brother since 1993. The business has kept a roof over my head and has provided for my family's essentials. However, it has not allowed me to save anything for retiremen...
Grow Your Business

How Can I Find Investors When I'm Just Starting Out?

I'm launching a part-time business while still a student. Where do I start looking for backers?


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