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What nondisclosure forms can protect my business plans when pitching investors?

I'm headed into a business meeting for a website launch and need to maintain the rights to the planning while presenting the idea to potential backers.

How Do I Buy Benefits for Just One Employee?

I am in the planning stages of opening a business. The company will initially have only one employee and be based in Minnesota. I'd like to know how to establish a benefits plan. I realize that several benefit plans are available. I'm battling with what's prudent vs. what's required and what's nice to have vs. what's needed. Also, how should buying benefits change when additional employees are hired?

Should I Start a Business Despite Heavy Personal Debt?

I want to start a new venture but have little money and a good amount of debt. Should I go for it? I'm young, don't have children, have a mediocre paying job, don't own a thing, and it would take me years to pay off my debts given my current job. I really don't want to be stuck in my current profession and am eager to start this venture before someone with a similar idea tests the waters. If this becomes a viable venture, it may be my ticket out of debt and a free-flowing and creative new venture and lifestyle.

How Do I Find Partners or Investors for My Business?

I've invested my retirement money in a warehouse and need someone to partner with me financially to get things up and going. While I owe no money on the warehouse, I have exhausted my credit.

What type of business insurance do I need?

I run a virtual office that spans multiple states. My business is an S-Corp, headquartered in Florida.

Is applying for an LLC the first step to starting a business?

Will an LLC help me with both receiving tax payments from customers and paying business taxes?

What is it really like to be an entrepreneur?

What characteristics are needed to be successful?

What's the fastest way to build useful contacts from scratch?

I need to build a useful black book of trustworthy contacts that can provide benefits to my company.

Am I required to withhold taxes from my three employees?

Withholding taxes when you only have a few staffers seems rather irritating.

What do I need to know if I want to open a non-profit business?

I'm assisting a friend with a not-for-profit room and board business. How would the business model differ from a traditional for-profit model?

How do I get funds to grow my existing business?

I need capital to really grow my business.

When selling a minority stake, can the total value of a business, including assets, be included in the asking price?

I received a one-third ownership of a piece of property through a will closing out my parent's estate. That property is rented out to form a steady stream of income. My two siblings and I formed an S corp for tax purposes.

Should my second business be separate or a division of my current S Corp?

I currently own an S Corp electrical contracting firm. I want to start a second related business, should it be a separate corp or a division of the existing corp?

How do I tell my boss that he's not motivating his sales staff?

I don't want to cause conflict. I recently went to work in a new small retail business as part of a commissioned sales team. I don't want to lose this job as it provides me with flexible hours but this is becoming uncomfortable and frustrating.


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