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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Is the initial non-compete clause still valid if I was rehired by a company?

My former employer restructured the organization and eliminated my position. They offered me a severance package with the 2002 non-compete attached. upon the rehire in 2005 I did not sign a non-compet...
Grow Your Business

How should I handle my partner who is suing me for his share of our dissolved business?

I formed a corporation with a friend in which we both invested money. The business folded after three months and he is suing me for all of his investment money back ($3,000). He resigned as a director...
Grow Your Business

How do I write a business proposal?

What are the most important aspects of a good business plan? What should I do with the plan once it's written? Shop it around to investors?
Grow Your Business

Do employee incentive programs really increase productivity?

I was thinking of setting goals and then having incentives such as gift cards, catered lunches, etc.
Grow Your Business

As the owner of an S corp, what's the best way for me to pay myself?

Also, is the money the business makes considered my income for tax purposes or only what I pay myself?
Grow Your Business

Do I need a separate license to do business outside of my home state?

I am currently licensed in my state of residence as a landscaper. Do I need another license to provide service in other states?
Grow Your Business

What are some alternatives to a bank loan?

I own a business but can't get a loan because of my poor credit. What are some other means of receiving capital?
Grow Your Business

How can I separate my business and personal credit?

What can I do to keep my credit records seperate from each other?
Grow Your Business

What is the best way to reprimand female workers?

When male managers are reprimanding female workers should another woman be in the room as a witness?
Grow Your Business

What are the main benefits of businesses going online?

I have been wondering why organizations have decided to go online and I would like a clear answer.
Grow Your Business

What should I do about my business partner cheating me out of my money?

I've invested money into our business and I feel like my partner is trying to cheat me out of my money. I have not said anything because I do not have proof. So I need help to figure out what I can do...
Grow Your Business

The small business I work for has management problems, how do I deal with it?

The family run business I work for (I am not a family member), has had a lot of management issues of co-workers of mine (also not family members). Their continuous lack of dedication, professionalism...
Grow Your Business

Would I benefit from changing my LLC/sole proprietorship business to a corporation?

Is it true that if your personal credit is not great, but you own a corporation it is easier to get financing because your personal credit is not looked at? Also, if you own an LLC/sole proprietorship...
Grow Your Business

What is the best way to market a home-based office management business?

We are starting a home-based business in office management -- offering book keeping, correspondence, bank transactions, travel and business arrangements.
Grow Your Business

Should I turn my for-profit business into a non-profit?

Are there any benefits? I am a small for-profit company looking to expand. I am looking to get money for expansion. Am I more likely to get a loan if I switch to a non-profit?


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