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Ask Entrepreneur - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

How do I determine how much to sell my business for?

We are stocking distributors of industrial maintenance supplies. We sell to manufacturing plants, colleges, hospitals, heavy equipment repair shops and car dealers. We have an established account base...
Grow Your Business

How do I get permission from companies to sell their products?

I want to start a delivery service that brings convenience store-type items to customers. What are the main things I need to know to start this project?
Grow Your Business

How do I find a reputable manufacturer for a particular product?

I am looking to launch a line of organic plush toys for kids, and don't know how to find a reputable manufacturer. Are there any agents that help with this process?
Grow Your Business

Is it ethical to raise my prices after less than six months in business?

I started my online sermon transcription business five months ago. I was expecting to do all the transcription myself. As it turns out, I'm so busy I can't handle all the work myself and need to subco...
Grow Your Business

How do I obtain a UPC code?

Do I really need UPC codes on my products? If so, how do I optimize my use of UPCs?
Grow Your Business

Should we outsource to grow rapidly and sacrifice some quality or keep everything in-house and turn away new business?

I have a web design and development company that has grown quickly in the last few years. We are at the point that we have more projects than we can handle but we do not have the resources to intervie...
Grow Your Business

How should I divide profits in an LLC?

I am starting up a software LLC and I am trying to figure out how profits should be divided. My partner and I want to divide ownership 51/49 percent, but I will be making ongoing payments to the LLC...
Grow Your Business

Which holidays should I give my employees off?

I am an employer in Oregon and I need to know which holidays to give my employees off. As the employer is it up to me to decide or am I required to give them federal holidays off? Is there a list of m...
Grow Your Business

How do I start offering financing to my customers?

I have a small construction business. I bid a great deal of work and am confident my proposals are very competitive. I have thought a lot about why I do not get as many jobs as I think I should. I hav...
Grow Your Business

How soon should I get my EIN and tax information setup?

I am hoping to start my small business within the next year, but am unsure of how early I should get my tax needs taken care of. Will it hurt me if I get the necessary steps taken care of first -- pus...
Grow Your Business

Do I need a "license to assemble?"

I own a business in East Baton Rouge, LA. It is a tattoo parlor/coffee shop/art gallary/live music venue. No alcohol is served and all ages are welcome. I have a retail business license. Do I need any...
Grow Your Business

What is sweat equity and how does it work?

My husband has recently started a new job where the salary is $50,000; however, he only takes home $25,000. The other half is going into sweat equity. Is this a normal practice and how might my husban...
Grow Your Business

How do you deal with an employee who doesn't get along with the rest of the staff?

There are seven women working in close proximity. One woman refuses to take her lunch break with the others. She will not talk to them either. This attitude makes the six other employees uncomfortable...
Grow Your Business

Should we package our product differently for online sales vs. retail sales?

We will start selling our small apparel product online first and then go after the retail market. With this in mind, should we use different types of packaging for online sales vs. retail? What type o...
Grow Your Business

To incorporate or not to incorporate? That is the question.

I read that incorporating your business is not worth it if you only make $10,000 to $12,000 per year. Is it true that the real breaks don't start until around the $30,000 per year profit mark? How doe...


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