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How Can I Set My Business Apart From the Competition?

A bakery owner wants to set her business apart from the competition. Ask Entrepreneur's branding and marketing expert shows her how to put the icing on her cake.

How Can I Market an Unknown Product?

I've read about Chobani and other companies that have successfully marketed unknown or under-the-radar products (i.e., Greek yogurt) to a broad consumer base. How can I go about doing the same?

What's the Best Way to Acquire New Sales Leads?

I have launched a new company with my partners. We are using trial and error to acquire new leads but the difficulty of introducing a startup company seems far-fetched. How can we show our skills without scaring people away with pricing? Are there any strategies or tips you can suggest?

How Can I Market My Online Business?

I am in the process of opening a bakery called Gabby's Bake Shop. We do not have a physical storefront for walk-in service. Instead, we have a website with an integrated shopping cart. We also have a Facebook page, but can't seem to generate sales on our site nor page "likes" on Facebook. Do you have any marketing advice?

How Do I Market a Product in a Foreign Country?

I sell products and am hoping you can share some marketing tips so that I can promote them locally in Uganda. It's a developing country. Any advice?

How Can I Market to Decision-Makers?

I am developing a mobile advertising service -- a coupon iPhone app -- for brick-and-mortar stores in Australia. My direct customers are businesses such as cafes, retail stores and gyms, among others. How do I reach decision-makers in industries such as hospitality or retail considering they're often away or busy?

How Do I Launch a Promotional Product?

I patented an advertising medium that's used as a promotional product. How can I reach out to airlines, big companies launching new products, health care providers, insurance companies and others about it? Do these companies have agencies promoting their products and services?

How Do I Build an Inside Sales Team?

We're building an inside sales team to align with field sales in our business. What is the best way to get field sales on board?

What Are the Best Ways to Advertise a Niche Product?

We are opening a pecan distributor and, obviously, want a lot of sales. What would you suggest as the types of advertising campaigns that will generate the most results?

How Do I Get Companies to Advertise on My Website?

I have developed a website for a university that currently gets 2,000 to 4,000 visitors per day. What's the best way to attract advertisers?

How Do I Get Boutique Owners to Sell My Retail Product?

I'm starting a swimwear company and although I have a target market and a list of bontiques I would like to carry my product, I don't know how to approach them. Is it best to make a phone call, visit the buyer in-person or just send an email with marketing and product details?

How Can I Reach Clients Online?

We sell high-end custom furniture. Our problem is knowing how to reach our clients. We utilize a website. Any advice?

How do I attract buying customers to my website?

Do you have any marketing ideas that would help with repeat traffic to my website? Once they're there, how do I get them to stay?

How do I approach store owners about carrying my product?

I recently started a small gift basket business.

How can I get media coverage for my company?

We are a mobile consulting company looking to increase our visibility in the marketplace.

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