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How do I introduce our company to a new region?

I work for a small engineering/surveying/planning/landscape architecture firm in New Jersey. I want to introduce the company to New York and Pennsylvania. The rules and regulations are different though. We are licensed to practice in those states. Where do I look for business contacts, land developers and land use attorneys?

What's the best way to advertise within a downtown area?

I am the owner of a landscaping company in the Dallas, TX area and due to the increase in town-homes, condominiums and high-rise units, our company has expanded. We are now offering small space landscaping (urban landscape) as one of our services. We design, install and maintain their landscaping if desired.

How do I secure key licensing partnerships?

I have an apparel product that currently exists in the market. I believe that I could take this line of products to another level with some key licenses attached to my line. I am most interested in the NFL, Major League Baseball, and the NCAA. What advice can you give me on acquiring these key marketing partners?

What's the most effective way to advertise next to a highway?

I have a floral business next to a busy US highway and want to know how to put more pizazz into my marquee. What basic things attract highway drivers' eyes to advertising?

How do I sell my product to K-12 schools?

I've started up a business that's focused on free and open source software installation and support for the K-12 schools. Most of my activity has been focused on marketing over the last four months and based on data from my newsletter campaign and the interest is very high. Readership is around 20 percent and click-thru's are about 5 percent. However, I'm having problems finding and identifying the key decision makers and moving from interest to a sale.

How do I know whether I should change locations?

I don't want to give up on my location's cheap rent, but I need more walk-ins. Business at my hair salon is very slow--I only get two walk-ina a month. Is it worth it to pay 2 to 3 times more on rent in a better location?

What is an effective way to advertise to millionaires?

I just started working under a company and my target market are those who are making around 5 million dollars . I am not new to sales, however I am new to this focus of networking. I want to be successful and would like some advice on how to make my business grow.

How do I value sponsorships, advertising, and marketing by other businesses in my building?

I have a facility for year-round sports tournaments, camps, leagues, charities, and community use. I have a lot of people traffic and space for advertising, sponsorships, and businesses. How do I value these mediums to know what to ask for their use?

How can we get less people passing up our eatery for the one down the street?

I own a small eatery in an urban ethnic community with a lot of busy businesses. But it sometimes seems as if we get passed over a lot when people go to another hamburger joint down the street from us. What can we do better to attract more customers?

How do I market to a low-income demographic?

I run a daycare. What strategies can I use to effectively advertise to a market of single women that lead households with an income at or below poverty level? Any suggestions on how I should draft my ads and where to get a response?

I do a great job running my business, but not marketing it--what should I do?

I have 20 years experience in high quality collision repair. My auto body shop is more like a home cooked meal than the normal fast food auto body shops that just look at their customers like a number and a paycheck. I offer interest free financing on customers deductibles and can sometimes wave them altogether. I work well with all insurance companies but not for them. I have a small shop so the overhead is lower, and that enables me to afford the best materials. I am personally responsible for all repairs and customer service. My customers actually get to talk to the guy who is repairing their car. I have also built and painted many award winning custom cars and bikes where quality is judged by the best. I am proficient in all facets of auto body repair and if I can't fix something I have a network of craftsmen I can contact to fix what I can't. My weakest point is selling myself as I am not knowledgeable in marketing and I have little capital to put towards marketing.

How can I help my store get more foot traffic nearby?

My store is located in a corner of a busy street and cars just drive by. How do I get more foot traffic by my store?

How do we advertise and market a business conference without cold calls?

We need our conference information to get to the general publc quick. We tried using the internet. Our campaign only raised a 0.05% ratio. Word-of-mouth worked better, but we still haven't reached close to our goal. We had to postpone the original date and set a new one, so we decided to ask the experts. Thanks in advance for your input.

How do I research the interests of teenagers in my local area?

Teenagers are a major focus group that my company (in its startup stages) plans to impact. Resources and events will be created for them to learn from and be inspired by.


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