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Ask Entrepreneur - Marketing


How can I network with like-minded entrepreneurs?

I'm interested in both online and offline networking.

What should be included in a presentation to the board of directors?

I'm working as a management trainee and need to report advertising activities undertaken by the company.

Can I put flyers on vehicles in a public parking lot?

I'm interested in starting a food market and advertising it this way.

What's the best way to get my products into stores?

I need help getting my great products out into the public eye.

How can I find a business partner that's as passionate as I am?

I am a graphic designer with a unique business idea. I need a sales person, but I'd rather take on a partner with a sales background.

How can I manage a bogus internet review that's harming my business?

My veterinary hospital performs humane euthanasias for a local municipality. While this is sad, sometimes it is necessary and it is legal. A local dog rescue group has posted false reviews online abou...

How can I market a conference intended for a very niche audience?

We are an elevator safety organization. We're hosting an industry conference and we're struggling to get people registered.

What skills make for a good negotiator?

I'm a rental car sales manager. My sales generally include institutional sales which are one of the toughest sales.

How can I develop a good marketing plan with a limited budget?

What are the main points to consider? Should I actually create a written plan? Should I include things like target market and budget?

On a limited budget, how can we reach out to customers who have a vested interest in our product?

We are currently using social media, some advertising and plenty of events to attract customers to our win shop. We need a way to attract true wine lovers to come see our unique offerings.

What's the best way to create a press release for a new product?

I have a socially-conscious business and want to know how to frame my press release to give me the best shot at coverage.

How do we market to customers in a multimillion dollar industry that stumble onto our product?

Our company manufactures a fence post hole digger that attaches to a shop-vac. How do you market a product that people don't know they need until they find out it exists?

What's the most efficient way to market to high-income customers?

I'm starting an automotive consulting company that pairs individuals with cars that fit their needs, budget and personality. After a vehicle is decided upon we find the car on the dealer's lot, conduc...

How can I create a great e-mail advertising campaign?

Is there a certain software you can recommend? Do you have any suggestions on where and how to start?


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