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How should I announce that I'm changing my website from pay-per-download to a completely free model?

My site is a pay-per-download offering proprietary math games and activities in PDF format. Currently the site also offers to sell the individual publications from which the games are taken. Our strategy shift to the free download model is the result of a desire to give something back to teachers and parents. Ultimately, these downloaded PDFs will offer an interesting adverting opportunity to companies.

How can I rebrand my 5-year-old company?

I want to rebrand my business in the face of a broken restraint of trade clause. My competitor will have a similar name and logo. We're in a very competitive niche industry with one large player.

How should I search for prospective businesses for affiliate marketing?

I work with a web-building company, in it's start-up phase, trying to initiate an affiliate program targeting small to medium sized businesses. What would be the best approach?

How should I bring in more clientele?

I have a tire service company based out of Miami, Florida. Basically we cater to those with limited time. We shop tire prices for the customer and allow them to pick from several brands/makes, prices, etc. We pick up their car at their office or home and drop off the car with new tires. We want to be known for our service.

How can small businesses successfully use Twitter?

I'm interesting in using Twitter for my business in a creative and successful way, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

How can I find new members for our campground?

We are a membership campground in Gaylord, Mich. We have a beautiful facility however, we are having a hard time bringing people through the door to become new members. RV show season was good but we are running low on leads. Do you have any advice for marketing?

How do I get my product in retail stores and online?

I sell jewelry and would love to get my work into retail stores and sold online. Any advice?

How do I attract businesses to purchase banner ads on my site?

I need to get more people to my website, how should I charge for these banner ads?

What's the best way to expand my business?

I'm taking over as marketing director for a firm that provides on-site training in CPR, first aid and AED. This company first wants expansion in our metro area, then to begin establishing satellite offices across the country. CPR certification is mandated by many entities, so it's a recession proof industry.

How many social network profiles should I have?

I am an event promoter, but I am so overwhelmed with my social networks -- it's taking over my life. I spend more time on the computer than I do meeting clients to promote my variety of business ventures. Today I'm associated with 10 different social networking sites.

What is the cost effective way to market a home-based business?

I have an in-home tutoring service.

What is the best way to find resellers for our product?

We are currently extending our resellers network. So far I have been sending emails to potential resellers but, it has not been productive at all. Would it be better to contact them first and then send an email?

How do I sell online ad space to customers in other states?

I want to sell advertising space on a website that is specifically geared towards customers who are located in a specific area/city. What is the best way to find local businesses in that area that would be interested in advertising on my site?

Who's the best contact person when trying to sell business to business?

When a small business is selling to a larger business, who is the best person to contact at the larger business? The President? Board of Directors? I have been trying to get a hold of the president, but I’m getting no responses at all.

How can I market a financial e-newsletter?

We've built a financial e-newsletter website. Our revenues are derived from subscriptions to our weekly e-newsletter. We had a professional do SEO and we're using paid search engine marketing from Yahoo and Google. But our progress seems painfully slow.


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