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How do I attract more business to my bakery?

I own a baking business ( that specializes in organic baked goods. I want to know what I can do to get more clients. I've started a website and I've placed my ad on many websites. My website has received more than 800 hits, but few orders. I would also like to market to restaurants or something like that.

How can I do a better job of marketing my law firm?

I am part of a law firm and the more business I bring in, the more money I make. The poor economy has hit our industry along with most other industries. We use typical forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages and a website, but I am looking for something cost-effective and different. The Florida Bar restricts advertising by law firms. For example, we can't directly solicit business unless the person we are contacting is a former/current client. I am trying to find business networking groups, but Stuart, Florida, is a small town. Are there nationwide business networking organizations I can look for in my area? What other suggestions do you have?

How do you create a nationwide contest to attract brand visibility?

I have an idea for a nationwide contest to attract visibility for my brand. I know I need to attract sponsors to fund the contest/event, but I don't know where to start. Do I need a marketing plan, a business plan or another plan?

Where do we turn for creative ways to grow our business to the next level?

We have owned a successful rehearsal studio in Hollywood for the past two years. Professionals and celebrities frequent our space. However, we don't know how to take the business to the next level. We charge a fee to rent the space, and we charge celebrities the same rate as everyone else. We are looking for creative ways to build other sources of income for the studio. We also want to know how to get more exposure for our business, and we are seeking ways to capitalize on our celebrities without exploiting them.

How do I get companies to advertise on my website?

I have an auto-related website, with 50,000 visitors per month. I tried Google Adsense, but the revenue is so low. How do I get medium to large companies to advertise with me directly? I have spent hours on the phone going around in circles.

How do I go about advertising a new product on the market?

I own a bar, and I just became the sole distributor for a new rum. I ordered a large quantity and I am stuck with the majority of it. What can I do to help my sales?

How do I know how much to charge potential advertisers for a banner on my website?

I am starting an informational website, and I'm not sure how much to charge potential advertisers. Since we do not yet have a count of visitors to the site, how do I sell banner space?

What is the best way to sell software to businesses in a niche industry?

I run a small company that develops and supports a software application for a niche business market. When I do a sales presentation to clients I often simply provide a demonstration of the software (trying to cover all aspects of the software). However, we're starting to lose more and more sales to our competitors and I'm sure it's because our sales presentation needs to be stronger. I would appreciate any help on how a sales pitch for business software should be approached.

Do radio and TV offer sponsorship of events or a free media package?

I have an event scheduled for September that honors U.S. military personnel. It is nonpolitical, but I have not yet established a nonprofit company. I need as much free advertising as possible. How can I approach the media for this?

How do I attract more customers to my bakery?

I recently started a baking business. I've been able to get some customers here and there, but what I can do to get more business? I've created a website ( and it's gotten a lot of traffic, but hardly any business.

I want to use classified advertising to sell my product. How do I choose the appropriate publication?

I live in the UK. My idea is to put an ad in a national newspaper or magazine, asking potential customers to visit my site and--bingo--I make money.

My product is CDs that apply hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking and build confidence. Should I choose a tabloid paper like the Sun, with a large readership, or a targeted publication like a health magazine, but with a smaller readership?

What are some new ways to market a custom-home builder in this slow market?

We are a custom-home builder in the triad area of North Carolina. We specialize in the $300,000-and-up market. We emphasize quality over quantity and have an outstanding reputation with our customers. How do I make our company stand out among all the other builders during this slow market? Most of the ideas I read on this site are geared more to retail and service-oriented companies.

How do we find a leasing company for a product we want to offer to our dealers on a lease-to-own basis?

We are a bicycle manufacturer that has engineered and produced a fitting-tool system that we have in stock. While every one of the nation's 5,000 bicycle shops could use one of these tools, the $2,500 price is a significant barrier to sales. We think we would be able to sell the tools if we offer the dealers a financing option. We are considering managing the AR ourselves but might choose to work with a leasing company if it is quick and easy, and there is a tidy payout early on.


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