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How Can I Reach Out to International College Students in the U.S.?

I'm working on a project at a mobile startup that would be perfect for international college students attending school in the U.S. that gives them free overseas calling for two months. I've contacted a number of major universities, both over the phone and via Facebook, but haven't gotten a response. Do you have any advice on how to reach this audience and the best way to communicate, whether it's via email or social networking, and what to say? I'm not even sure if contacting the universities is the right way in, and if not, is there a better way to reach these students directly?

How Can I Increase My Sales Footprint?

I just built a brand from scratch, Lulu's Garden LLC, a natural product line. Building the brand, marketing, etc. -- that was the easy part for me. Now I have a complete package ready to go and I've hit a wall! I'm overwhelmed with which direction to go to get my product in the hands of buyers. I've sent emails of my product catalog and wholesale price list to retail stores with a so-so return. Do you think sending them my catalog in the mail would have a bigger impact? I am in 40 boutiques around the United States, but that's not enough to sustain a business. Do you have any resources or tips that you could offer that would point me in the right direction?

How Can I Connect With Purchasing Agents?

We are a plastics manufacturer and our products are sold in the United States and abroad. We are looking for more customers to utilize our expertise as a manufacturer for both new and existing products, but it is difficult to discover clients overseas. How can we promote ourselves and find new clients (i.e., purchasing agents)?

What is the best way to get customers to visit your website and keep coming back?

I sell electronics, jewelry, etc. at


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