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Can I Start a Business with No Startup Capital?

I am an electrical engineer and want to be my own boss. But how can I start a business if I have zero capital to work with?

Should I Open a Pizza Franchise Abroad?

I am living in Mumbai and I am interested in starting my own business. I have not seen U.S.-based pizza businesses anywhere in Mumbai. Is it worth looking into buying a U.S. pizza franchise and opening it here? Can it be profitable?

How Can I Know If I'd Be a Good Franchisee?

I've been out of work for almost two years and have been looking at franchise business ownership. There are so many franchises to choose from and although I feel like I could be successful, I'm not completely sure. Is there a way to accurately weigh my odds?

Do Part-Time Franchise Opportunities Exist?

I have a job but am interested in a franchise business. However, I'm not sure what kind of business I'd be interested in. I've heard that some franchises can be run part-time or from home on the side. Where can I find this sort of franchise?

How Can I Dissolve an S Corporation?

I'm a 20 percent shareholder in an S corporation with four other equal partners. I see no financial future, as we are having to put money into a sinking a ship just to break even every year. I want to dissolve the corporation and split the debt. Can I be compelled to put more money in if I don't get a majority vote to dissolve?

Can I Buy Into a Franchise with Little Experience and Capital?

I am a sophomore in college and really want to start my own business, but I realize that it requires capital and lots of time. I have immersed myself in business topics since being in college and have gained some experience in startups. While acquiring a franchise seems to be the most feasible option of owning my own business within the near future, I am wondering if it is possible to be a part owner with only a little capital. What is the best way to find a franchise that's a good match?

How Can I Determine the Success Rate for a Franchise?

My brother and I are considering several businesses, including a wholesale auto parts company and a finance company. Though they are vastly different, we have interest in each. We're just beginning to look around now and this is new territory for us. How can I determine if I should make the investment?

How Do Franchise Territories Work?

I've been researching a retail franchise business and want to make sure that the territory I'm interested in would be exclusively mine. I've read a few testimonials about franchises not having clear rules in regard to this. How does it work?

How Can I Determine if a Franchise Will be a Good Fit for Me?

I'm wondering: How can I research the validity of a specific franchise business? Does the size of the franchise system matter and how can I best find out if the company will be a good fit for me in my quest to be a franchise owner?

What's the Secret to Winning Repeat Customers?

What is the most important factor in generating repeat purchases?

Is my business suitable for franchising?

What characteristics are needed for a business to be a possible candidate for franchising?

Why do so many franchises fail?

I'm considering opening my own franchise and want to be aware of the most common mistakes.

As a potential franchisee, what do I need to know about franchise fees?

In general, what do the franchise fees cover?

How can I finance my franchise?

I'm having problems finding banks that will lend me the money.

What makes for a successful entrepreneur?

I would love some general tips to start a good business.


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