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Ask Entrepreneur - Franchises


What is the outlook for the commercial cleaning industry in 2010?

Is opening a cleaning business now a wise investment?

What are the pros and cons of buying a franchise?

I'm seriously considering purchasing a franchise, but I want to be sure to weight all my options.

How do I know whether my passion will make a good business?

How can I start my own bicycle repair shop? Will it be a good idea to specialize in repair rather than retail and repair? Is it a good idea to open next to an existing bicycle shop that sells and repa...

Is it illegal for a franchisor to offer first right of refusal?

Or can a franchisor offer a surrounding territory to an existing franchisee at a discount?

What's the norm for franchise royalty/residual payment percentages?

I'm thinking about buying a franchise location, but want to be sure the costs are appropriate.

How can I switch to the non-profit sector?

I have a business that I'm no longer interested in running and wish to start a non-profit business. What will be the cost and how do I go about starting it up? I will incorporate in the near future.

What do you think about multi-level marketing business opportunities?

Are there some legitimate options? Are MLMs recession proof?

How can I motivate my managers and help them focus?

I was hired by a small franchise to help a failing store. The one problem is that you can clearly see that the managers are the reason for the failure. How can I motivate them to help me fix the probl...

Do we pay our franchise fee before or after we close on our loan?

Our franchisee fee is $25k and is due to the franchisor once we sign up. My husband is under the impression that we pay that fee prior to closing on our business loan. But, we need to put 20 percent d...

How should I start to franchise my business idea?

I have this great idea for a restaurant that I'd like to start and franchise. I have experience working in a restaurant but not running a business or starting a franchise so I'd need some help. Where...

Is there a way to determine the profitability of various franchises?

I'm trying to evaluate various franchise opportunities. However, obtaining information about profitability and how soon a franchise becomes profitable seems to always involve the tedious process of fi...

How can I start a non-profit food bank in my neighborhood?

I live in a mixed-income area that has no major supermarket. The population in this area is mainly made up of African-American families with children, some Hispanic families with children, and a moder...

What ancillary services can a computer programmer offer?

We have a small computer programming and analyst company - but business is slow. What other types of services can we offer with our current setup -- office, phones, secretary?

Is a recession the right time to start a business?

I have nearly 10 years of experience and would like to start off on my own. Can you advise me if this is the right time to start your own company, taking the economic situation into consideration.

Are franchise fees negotiable?

Can you find a franchise agent similar to a real estate agent to assist in finding a successful opportunity?


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