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How Can I Streamline My E-Commerce Operation?

Is it possible to allow customers who have an account on my website to pay with the click of a button without having to fill out their credit card information each time? I am considering PayPal for all my online transactions but the impression I get is that even with Website Payments Pro, the customer has to input his or her credit card information every time. What's the best way to make it so customers only have to fill their credit card information only once? What are the options?

As an internet startup, how do I project advertising income?

How do I realistically estimate year one advertising income for a startup? What sources can I draw upon for comparison? What metrics can be used to build on income after the first year?

How do I get a physical address for my online business?

I'm looking at starting a website business (LLC) selling downloadable products. The problem is i still live under my parents roof in Virginia. Is there anyway to get around having to rent or lease an office just so I have a "place of business?"

How can I measure the value of my internet-based business?

It is very easy to estimate a value of a brick and mortar business due to physical assets. However, do you have any advice on how to accurately measure the value of an online business?

Should I add my new e-store to my existing website or build a whole new one?

I have a personal training business and website. Many clients have been asking me where to buy fitness equipment leading me to begin setting up a new e-store. Do you think I should I simply add a page or two of fitness products to my existing website to begin with?

How can I implement new technology into my business?

I own a courier service business. Currently, I don't really employ much technology. What sort of cutting-edge software might benefit my business? I would like to use technology to boost my marketing/branding efforts too.

My e-business tanked--how can I cut my losses?

A website business I started tanked due to lack of business capital and profit. I thought of looking for angels but the customer base is not there to provide their return. I think the idea and site could be used by others interested nationally but I don't know where to start. Others with more advertising funding could probably make a go of this site. I'm tapped on advertising dollars. Should I see an attorney or copyright the site myself first, sell the sight outright, or sell the source code and programming over to interested buyers much like a franchise? I'd like to try and get back some if not all of my investment. I had professionals build the front and back-end for me and anyone with a programming team could tailor the back-end to meet their specifications.

How do I find a reliable internet service?

I am having a heck of a time trying to find a RELIABLE Internet service in my area. I currently have Earthlink DSL. However, I am more than 13,000 ft. from the central station, so the service is degraded. I am lucky to get 300 kps. There are not cable carriers in the area, and satellite is out of the question because it's extremely slow. My business uses a live terminal for processing orders and I need RELIABLE internet. Anyone have any advice?

Would adding Web 2.0 technology help my web design business?

Would adding Web 2.0 technology help my web design business?

If you develop an LLC for a website that sells products, do you have to be registered with all the states in the US?

So if I'm registered in S.C., but people in Alabama are ordering my products off my website. Does that mean I have to register as a foreign state?

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