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Ask Entrepreneur - Human Resources

Human Resources

What's the best way to fire an employee?

I would like to be as respectful as possible.
Human Resources

How do I determine appropriate deadlines for my employees?

How do I monitor an employee's progress on new projects? I don't want to create conflict.
Human Resources

How do I hire a seasonal employee now for a job that doesn't start for two months?

I own an accounting firm and need several employees to help out during tax season.
Human Resources

Can my HR manager discuss my medical condition with other staff?

This is making me feel very uncomfortable, is it illegal?
Human Resources

How can I tactfully tell my 80-year-old boss that it might be time for him to retire?

The owner of the company is starting to forget things and isn't well-suited to run things any more. I don't want to cause any friction.
Human Resources

What are the best tools to help make the hiring process more efficient?

We don't have the resources to hire recruiters. Are there any automated software programs that make this easier?
Human Resources

How do I attract top performers to my company?

I want employees who both fit with our unique culture and are talented. The pool of candidates is enormous and filtering through resumes is painful.
Human Resources

Is it legal to fill a newly created position without posting it publicly?

We recently hired a new staffer, however we didn't post publicly that a new position had been created.
Human Resources

How should I tell a qualified applicant that we can't hire him after a background check?

I found out that a person applying for employment at my company is a registered sex offender. The nature of my business and our customer base will not allow for for this.
Human Resources

What are my obligations to an employee who I'm converting from full-time to part-time?

I don't have the funding to continue to pay this employee for forty hours every week. But, we can accomplish all of the administrative functions in twenty hours a week.
Human Resources

What's the best way to handle an insubordinate employee?

One of our staffers is not listening to orders and is bringing a negative attitude to the workplace.
Human Resources

What's the best way to fire one of my employees?

I have a seasonal employee at my landscaping company who doesn't do his work, gets in the way of other workers and instigates conflict. Should I have any concerns about terminating him?
Human Resources

What are my options if my employee was dishonest about being physical fit for his job?

We are a general contracting business and have a job requirements page that details the physical demands of the job.


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