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Should I reimburse my employees who deny their company-provided health benefits?

One of my employees is now going on her husband's health insurance plan. I had been paying 100 percent of her insurance. Do I reimburse her for the full cost of her benefits or only a percentage?

Is it a good idea to start an Employee of the Month program?

Could this create conflict among employees? How should I resolve the conflict? I have a factory and I just realized that the workers are coming to work just to be paid at the end of the month. What can i do to improve this situation?

Is a faux hawk hairstyle appropriate for a professional workplace?

I want my employees to have some form of self-expression in the workplace, but I don't know where to draw the line.

How can I monitor my employees' time on social networking sites and personal phone calls?

The company policy clearly states that cell phones are not allowed during office hours, unless authorized by management. Our employees do not have access to the internet, but I am suspicious that several employees are using their cell phones to text and go on Facebook during office hours.

Can an employee be let go after returning from a workers' compensation claim?

I have an employee who broke her leg while in the office and required surgery--she was out on a workers' compensation claim for the last five and a half months. She is expected back next week but is only willing to work for four hours every day because her leg is still weak. The company has been struggling to get her job done without hiring additional help. The employee in question is over 70 years old.

Can entrepreneurs band together to reduce health insurance costs?

Where can I find a network of small companies who have joined forces for the purpose of reducing benefit costs?

Can an HR director ask me if I "need" the money when discussing a raise?

I work in a hospital and they promised me a raise after taking my boards. They have since gone back on their word. In discussing why they should give me the original raise, the HR director asked me if I was "financially dependent" on the raise.

Can your employer request to know where you are on off days?

I am a maintenance worker. I'm the only person at my site and I answer calls in emergencies. My employer said I must answer all calls within 30 minutes. Is this legal? Imposing this on me leaves me with no life.

Can my manager try to get me to quit?

My manager told me I wouldn't make it 30 days and that I wasn't a good fit for the company. It's been more than 30 days and I have not found a new job so I have no intention on quiting. I feel backed into a corner.

Can I be forced to babysit the bosses kids as a condition of my employment?

My boss routinely sets meetings when she is supposed to get her 8-year-old off the bus. She runs out and leaves me in the position of dealing with her child. How should I deal with this conflict in a professional manner?

Should my employer compensate me for denying their health-care benefits?

My wife and I are both on her health insurance plan.

What should I do when a threat has been made against me by HR?

I received some "off color" messages on my cell phone that sound exactly like our HR manager. I went to our president, who agreed that parts of the message did sound like our HR manager. The HR assistant recently told me that the HR manager thinks I stole my paid time off reports. I was asked to keep quiet.

Can an employee be forced to take sick time?

My husband's company sent him home because our daughter has swine flu even though he isn't sick. Does he have to use his sick time for this? His company put this policy in place because they are first responders. He is not allowed to work if anyone in his family even has the symptoms.

How much maternity leave am I required to give my employees?

Is it common to have disability to contribute to her compensation? Am I expected to pay her normal salary?

Can an employer request that married employees waive their healthcare coverage?

My wife works for a small business that's establishing a new health insurance benefit program. Can they request married staff to waive the enrollment since they are already covered by a spouse so that the single, non-covered employees can receive coverage? If yes, should they compensate the employees who waive the benefit, at the employers' request, in any other way?


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