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Can my job description be changed without notice?

I have been employed with my company for over eight years. My manager recently changed my job description and told me about it after it was completed. I went from a UPS clerk to a mail room clerk.

Can an employer pay two employees with the same job differently?

My employer pays its employees based on the number of documents we complete in an hour. I was recently moved to a different department where the other four people are on a different pay scale than myself.

Can an employer choose to deny exempt employees' holiday pay?

My employer clearly has defined holidays. Can he choose to not pay salary/exempt employees for those holidays whenever he wants?

Can my company force me to take two weeks unpaid vacation?

I am a salary employee still in my 90-day probationary period. Some of our departments have a two week break once a year (now) but I was told that my department will stay open. Two days before the break I was told that I would not be working for the next two weeks and would not be paid.

Can I ask for a copy of the background check that apparently lost me a job?

My interview went great and led to a verbal commitment to hiring me, pending my background check. I was told to expect a phone call in two to three days. It has been 10 days since and I have not received a notice or phone call from the employer. What should my next step be?

Are there guidelines for paying an employee 30-60 days after termination?

About 30 to 60 days after an employee has been terminated, they are to receive compensation on a file that they started prior to termination. Can I pay them as a 1099, and if so do I need to obtain a W-9 form, or do I still have to create a paycheck for them as usual?

Do I have to give every employee the same work hours?

I have an employee that has a son and seems not to be able to come to work on time. Can I allow her to work 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a half hour lunch and not give the same option to other employees?

Can I ask my employees to take a temporary hourly pay cut in lieu of furloughs?

I really don't want to force my employees to take time off.

How do I calculate a pay increase for an exceptional employee?

My business is very small and I'm a new business owner. Do you have any tips?

Can we offer paid insurance benefits to only exempt salaried employees?

It is my understanding that if we offer paid insurance to exempt employees, we need to also provide this to the non exempt employees, is that correct?

Should I individually meet with employees who are having issues?

We are a non-profit childcare center in Colorado. We want to speak to all three employees at the same time in order to get to the root of the problem. Do you think this is a good idea from a management point of view?

Is it required for companies of a certain size to have an HR person?

Our HR person was laid off, now the CFO is acting as the HR person. Is that right? It seems like there is a bit of a conflict here, not only that I also doubt the person is trained or skilled in handling many HR issues.

Do I have to give my exempt employee holiday pay?

The exempt manager called in sick following a holiday. Our policy for non-exempt is that in order to receive holiday pay, one must be at work the day before and day after a holiday. Am I obligated to pay holiday pay to the exempt staff person who was absent?

How do I avoid laying off any more of my employees?

I had to reduce all five of my employees to 32 hours/week vs. 40 because of down sales. Doing this prevented me from having to layoff two of them. Now, one of those employees is unhappy with the decreased hours and is requesting to be laid off. I don't want another employee listed as "laid off" on my unemployment taxes.

Should complaints about an employee be discussed before it goes into the employee's file?

I am a manager who recently found out about complaints about a subordinate. According to HR, this was the fourth time someone complained about him, but he was only aware of two complaints. Should HR have discussed these complaints with him prior to putting them in his folder? How much knowledge should the employee have about what is in his personnel file?


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