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Ask Entrepreneur - Human Resources

Human Resources

The company that hired me as an independent contractor didn't get paid. Should I expect payment?

I'm an independant contractor, but the company I did work through was not paid by the client despite me performing and completing all necessary tasks to a high degree. <br /> <br /> Should I still...
Human Resources

Does my employer have the right to know what I do when I am clocked out?

A few months ago I was dating someone who stole from my company, and I turned him in for it. Now I am up for a promotion and rumors have made it to HR that I was seen with this guy. I was not! Is it l...
Human Resources

My company refuses to pay for time worked during lunch.

I punch a time clock, and I wanted to make up time during my lunch hour. So I only took a 15-minute lunch break for four days, and the company won't pay me for the time that I did work.
Human Resources

Can we choose to hire a younger person for a bartending position?

I manage a union restaurant and a bartending position came open. We have a person who's over 40 and wants the promotion, but we would like to hire a younger person. If we do so, can the older person t...
Human Resources

How do I know if my employee is doing more harm than good? She brings in business and revenue but her attitude is creating a chaotic work environment.

We hired our first full-time employee. And while she has brought in valuable business which has offered us credibility and increased revenue, her chaotic personality is creating an unstable work envir...
Human Resources

Can I amortize the cost of performance bond insurance?

We need to purchase bond insurance for a project in July, but revenue from the project doesn't start until August and the project runs for seven months. The bond is for one year. Can I amortize the b...
Human Resources

Can I request and receive all information in my employee file?

I believe that the hospital has detrimental information about me in its records.
Human Resources

How does one deal with a stepson in the family business who is dating an employee?

The stepson makes the schedule and puts this employee to work only on the days his stepmom isn't working. This never happened prior to them dating. Also, she does not have seniority but she only works...
Human Resources

Where can we find a health plan for an independent worker who will be working in China?

We are a small company that wants to hire a consultant to complete a mission to our manufacturing plant in China. This young contractor doesn't have an health coverage at the moment, and we want him t...
Human Resources

Should I reimburse virtual employees for mileage to the main office?

I have three virtual employees. One lives eight miles from the main office (the owner's house). Two other employees live 50 miles and 80 miles away (all one-way trips). I want employee number two to c...
Human Resources

How do I advertise employment for 18-to-23-year-olds without discriminating?

I am looking for employees for a labor-intensive position. I would like to target younger males for the job without discriminating.
Human Resources

How do we encourage retirement for a "Peter Principle" employee?

She has spent 34 years in the office but can no longer perform her function because of changes in technology. She is drawing SSN.
Human Resources

Do I have to pay an employee who quit without notice for days worked previously?

One of my employees quit a week before start of the season. He came in late to the shift he was supposed to work, announced his resignation and walked out. <br /> <br /> As a result, I had to restr...


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