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Before You Sign Up For a Coding Class, Do This

Our expert says that knowing what you want to build will help you decided which language to focus on.

How do I advertise an online astrology business?

What would be the best advertisement for an in-home, online astrology business? I'm using Google Adwords and it's impossible to stay on the first page. What do you suggest other than Google?

Does it make sense to link my website to other businesses in the same industry that don't compete with my firm?

If linking with other businesses makes sense, what are some of the dos and don'ts?

How do we keep our invoices from landing in clients' bulk mail folder?

We send invoices to our clients once a month. The invoice often lands in their bulk mail folder. Is there anything we could change in our e-mail or setup to avoid that?

What is an easy-to-use accounting program for small, home based cleaning business?

I have just started a home based cleaning service, only residential at this time, and I have one contractor working with me. As business grows, I will hire more. What is the best/easy-to-use small business accounting software to keep track of income and expenses that will also be helpful at tax time?

What are the costs of setting up a secure WiFi system in my cafe?

I wanted to add WiFi in my independent cafe.

How do I find access to IT systems to allow for online scheduling on my side and online viewing of schedules by my clients?

My business is scheduling-intense and coordinating events. I would like an online availability for my customers to view what is going on at my business in real time (with us having the ability to continuously update the information on our side). I do not know the software or have the programming know-how but need this to grow my business. We would also like online payments and allow for the customer to have privacy in their accounts. Please help!

What basic forecast software would you recommend for my company?

Forecast today is done in Excel but I cannot input seasonality, impact on new products etc. I want to enter certain variables that can affect my forecast with better accuracy than Excel. What software would you recommend for me?

What is Louisiana's largest technology employer?

What is Louisiana's largest technology employer?

How can information technology help market manufacturing and service firms and what are its drawbacks so far in modern business today?

How does information technology help in the marketing section of manufacturing and service firms? What are its setbacks and how does an establishment come to find a lasting solution to these problems? Information technology helped a small household business owner to open another store. My question lies on how information technology helped him and how he guarded against failures and strived forward and expanded.

What's a more affordable but professional business phone system option?

Looking for a small professional buisness phone system (only one phone), but it seems that all I can find are very pricy systems with too much. Is there any other solution that will enable me to have that professional touch, but will also be affordable?

What is more cost-efficient - hiring an IT professional or an IT consultant?

I'm a writer seeking a study on the costs of employing IT professionals vs. hiring an IT consultant. Can you help? I'm particularly looking for current statistics on employing someone with benefits in the southeastern US versus hiring an on-call IT person.

Is Microsoft Access suitable enough to store and retrieve price list information written in Excel?

The price lists are categorized already. The business is hardware sales. If you have any suggestions regarding packages that include inventory management and point of purchase applications please point me in that direction.

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