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Ask Entrepreneur - Starting a Business

Starting a Business

How do I find a local, trustworthy business attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit?

I have noticed that some of the most successful people in the world shared something in common -- a good attorney and a good accountant. I noticed that at the toughest point in these people's lives th...
Starting a Business

What documents are required for a European company to establish a U.S. branch?

We are Czech startup company that wants to establish a U.S. branch. All business will be conducted in Europe. We just need a warehouse and distribution in the U.S. Are there any limits for EU companie...
Starting a Business

Is a business incubator a good way to start up a new company?

They are building a business incubator near my college in Dunkirk, NY.
Starting a Business

Can I run a pet-sitting business from my home?

Are there certain permits that I would be required to obtain? What if my neighbors complain that there's too much noise?
Starting a Business

I want to start a cabinet/wood furniture business but I would have to invest a lot of money in the machinery. Do you think I should wait?

I really have the desire to start a cabinetry/wood furniture business but I'm afraid to invest a lot of money when the economy is so bad right now. Should I wait for it to rebound?
Starting a Business

On average, how much do stores mark up products?

I am importing high-quality olive oil from Spain and am trying to figure out the sell price. How much do people typically mark up products?
Starting a Business

Can I hold a fundraiser for a business I am trying to turn into a nonprofit?

I have a magazine for children in waiting rooms and in hospitals. We have incorporated the magazine and are trying to go nonprofit. The state hasn't let us know if it will accept us as a non-profit an...
Starting a Business

How do I make the first contact to sell my product to restaurants?

I am planning on selling imported olive oil from Spain. My idea is to sell to restaurants first. How do I make the first contact? Do I call first? And if so, what is the best way to handle that call?...
Starting a Business

Where can I find manufacturers for my products?

I am looking for manufacturers to make several small items such as lanyards for IDs, retractable key/ID holders and penlights. I am trying to find contact information for manufacturers that may be abl...
Starting a Business

Should I apply for a patent for my idea?

I have an idea how to at least double the sales of the iPod. With the blending of a variety of already existing technologies, this idea could be easily incorporated into the iPod, and sales would go t...
Starting a Business

There is an increase in the attention being paid to my invention. How can I capitalize on this?

I recently paid my maintenance fees for my invention, and while I was checking the progress and interest in my invention I noticed a lot of postings and variations of my product. I want to manufacture...
Starting a Business

Do I have to take a course in school to be a good entrepreneur?

I'm a registered nurse but since I was 19 I have wanted to run my own business. Now I'm 23, I live in London, and I want to start a business. For the past two years I've been doing a lot of research o...
Starting a Business

I am looking for companies to license my invention. Where do I start?

I have an invention that is a simple tool to help make a task easier. There are other versions on the market but all are online and cost more than I think they should. I made a better version of this...
Starting a Business

How do I find a company to produce a small plastic educational item?

I have taught middle school for almost 10 years and have thought of a product for teachers to use. I know it would be very useful to me, and I think an educational company could sell it easily. So do...
Starting a Business

How do you know when it's the right time to leave your full-time job for your own business?

Our family has had a carpet-cleaning business for more than 28 years. My father has run the business himself all that time. In the spring my father and I decided to add a new division. This new divisi...


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