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What are my rights if I leave my family business?

I'm tired of answering to my father who runs our company like a dictatorship. I run the day-to-day operations and own a percentage of the company.

Do I need an actual address for my business?

Our homeowners' association doesn't allow for home businesses. We do not want to rent another location, what are our options?

Is my franchise agreement void if the entire company went bankrupt?

The company was sold to another brand.

Is it legal for my company put me on retainer indefinitely?

I'm a part-time employee for a government contractor.

Does a business partnership have to be legally formalized?

Can my son and I be partners in our own business with just our names on the business license in the state of Alaska?

As a landlord, can I terminate a commercial lease due to an unfit lessee?

One of the lessees failed a criminal background check. Can I terminate the lease with just that that person and keep it with the other qualifies lessees?

How do I ensure payment on a job that's already completed?

The homeowner doesn't want to pay. What are the best legal steps to take?

Can I collect unemployment from my former employer if I now own my own business?

I was recently laid off and I didn't take a salary from my business.

What can I do if my former employer is claiming I was fired and is now withholding my final paycheck?

I actually quit my job in Minnesota after I injured my knee.

What Is the Easiest Way to Legally Protect My Business?

I need to launch the legal, IP protections and business filings for my tiny film and music publishing.

Should I invest money to try to protect my invention idea?

Or should I just rush and make sure I'm the first to monetize it?

What are the minority shareholders' rights when a company transfers its shares to another company?

Our company does not offer any compensation or guarantee jobs for us in the new company. Do we have the right to make a legal case to stop or protest this sale?

What legal documents must I submit to withdraw as a shareholder of an S Corp?

I am an officer and 50 percent shareholder of an S Corp in New Mexico. Do I have to file any specific legal papers with the state or the IRS?

What's the proper way to release a subcontractor?

I'm letting go a contractor who utilized my company name, logo and affiliation on his personal and professional web pages. What is the proper way to ensure he removes all company info?


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